Tuesday, December 03, 2019

What have you done with your Life?

It is often said by great minds and especially modern day human consciousness researchers that we should stop dwelling in the past and create the future. I agree, and if I do why do i keep postings the events that had happened in my past life? Am I dwelling gin my past experiences or am I attached to them that i cannot let go of them, like posting the sketches that I did some twenty of thirty years ago? Perhaps I am, but I have me reasons, my reasons were formulated when I decided when I first decided to keep an on going art/journal which has now culminated into this Blogging; my reasons were preconceived when I decided to embark upon this journey of self discovery. All the episodes, the dramas, the successes and failures that I have experienced , I have tried to keep a record of albeit in writing, paintings and sketches, or in pictures, I have kept an ongoing documentation that they had happened and I have kept a proof of these events in case I were to be asked to verify my claims. Have you really lived in the Aleutians, or have you really lived and practiced in a Zen Buddhist Monastery?

The other reason to this is that i wish to share a different approach or perspective as an artist for those who are looking for a meaningful approach to being an artist other than just painting in a studio and having numerous art shows and selling great art pieces. I set out to live life itself as an artist as I often call it- The Art of Living. I had graduated from the University of Wisconsin( Green Bay) with a self designed program that allowed me to leave the campus every smester and travel the world as an artist. This was how i started to keep an ongoing journal or sketchbooks that had I had encountered in my travels. These later continued into my life even when I was working at various jobs and moments that I was able to capture on my daily activities. I have tried to keep as many of these journals as i could even when I made my move from the United States to Japan and then back to Malaysia, however sadly enough a few were lost or misplaced along the transitions.

 It was my intention from the beginning to try and keep a documentation of my progress or regress as I get older such that I may someday be able to make them as a reference in and when I decide to write my own autobiography. It is also my intention that my biography be illustrated with my own creative expressions through my ability to draw and paint. I enjoyed very much in taking pictures for as long as i can remember and with the introduction of the digital camera this became an even more exciting venue for me to capture moments and keep them on record. My Google+ archive had over one million hits at one time until I am no more able to excess this link for some odd reason, but i am used to loses like this and perhaps the link can be tracked down by those more savvy with the Internet than me. I am just as happy that this Blog itself has over half a million hits to date internationally and I hope that in some small way I am able to share with those who read my Blog an insight or two as to what I have shared. It is gratifying enough to learn that there are those who devoted a little of their time in following my postings.

We all wish to leave a footprint behind when we exit this life, mine is this legacy of having lived life according to my specifications and not being contained or controlled by others; this is the legacy I leave behind for my children. This Blogging is firmly contained in the Internet and it would not be easily erased for whatever reason, not in the near future and thus it is a part and parcel of one man's journey no matter how insignificant it may seem to some it may be a pleasant read for others. If my maker were to ask me, "what did you do with the life and talent that I had given you all those years?" I would simply tell Him to read my Blog.  

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