Saturday, December 07, 2019

Why oh Why?!

I was staring into the blazing morning sun until it became a clear orb in my forehead like my third eye as alighted. When someone describe to you what they see as a blinding light when they meditate or at the point of dying, perhaps try this and you will feel for what they are trying to share. I do this as often as I can just to see if I could burn away the cataract build up in my eyes and save the costly amount to them operated on; I think it works as at my age i can still read and drive with no problem. If you wish to stare back at the sun, drop your sun glasses and stare into the light and absorb the light into your whole being especially your heart area,. Allow the warmth of the sun to penetrate throughout your entire being and thus the healing begins, as you allow the warmth of the sun to spread you can direct your attention to where you wish to heal, like your joint areas, or you spine, send energies in to your brain to turn on neurons and electrical charges, trust that this will happen and it will help to regenerate and revitalize your mind and body every time you do this; just don't over do it. I do this often but not every day, I do it when the sun is on the horizon and rising or setting and I notice that the setting sun has a more soothing effect than the intense morning sun. Does it burn away my cataract? God only knows, I never had my eyes tested except once and I was told I needed an eye operation of which I could not afford, so I stare at the sun  to create my own laser beam and remove whatever is building up over my eyes.

If you sneeze allot in the morning it is cool and don't assume it is because you are coming down with a cold or flu. No it is good for your lungs as it forces you to breath or at least makes you conscious that you are breathing, forcefully perhaps but that's what   PranayamaYoga tries to teach you in a more disciplined and perhaps safer way. What is important is to be aware every time you wake that you do a little breathing exercise just so you move your energy throughout you body after having laid on the bed for hours. Taking a few minutes to become conscious of your breath upon waking up helps you more than you know, it clears your head, your lungs, moves you energy in your lower abdomen and other extremities, it keeps you alive longer. Breath is the bridge between the here and the hereafter, the mundane and the Divine, life and physical death; as it is you should be concern that you're breathing properly for it is the most important aspect of life that you cannot afford to loose touch of. Always breath as though it is your last and you will live forever, don't take my word for it, try it.

As Gandhi wrote, 'Life is an experiment.' I agree and have been experimenting with my life at every turn I make, I dissect myself physically, mentally and spiritually everyday with every thought that is generated out of my head. It does gets tiresome and often rather dead boring, but it is worse when I am not. I have a very over active mind that would run riots in my head and likes to create the worse case scenarios out of the blue; it is a melodramatic mind that would shame Shakespeare. Some I feel like insanity is just around the corner for me and it has been a scary feeling over the years to be confronted the prospect of loosing my head through having an over active mind. Perhaps as a lyric in one of Pink Floyd's song said, "You reach for the secret too soon, You cry for the moon...shine on you Crazy Diamond!" When I first heard this song in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I cried to myself laying there on the floor of my Thai student buddy's living room floor with head phones on. It had hit me so hard the whole song that I simply cried myself to sleep; I was alone, I felt alone, I felt lonely.

I realized then that, yes I had reached for the secret too soon. I had been awakened to the realities and illusions of life at a very young age almost to the day i was born as a part of a twins and soon handed over to be adopted by my uncle, thus began my life living in dichotomy. The plot thickened as the years went and i was thrown into a life of living to please all those around me or face their retribution. I was raised from childhood both as a Buddhist as well as a Muslim for twelve years of my childhood life, to become one of the best student as an artist and tortured daily in my mathematics classes, are among the landscape of my psycho-infantile upbringing and it got worse as I moved into my teen years. I had to reach for the secret to life especially how to survive form becoming insane; I had to find the answers for myself, Who am I? 

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Gasho! Gratitude to All who had led me here.

After having spent numerous hours of my time listening to spiritual talks given by the Hindu Gurus, Tibetan Lamas, Zen Masters, Sufi Masters,modern day Science cum Spiritual Teachers and the list goes on, I have come to realize one thing, that they all points to one factor;Self Realization. Who am I or What am I? This realization has happened quite a long time ago for me, conscious or unconsciously. Like a broken record I never fail to keep repeating myself of this fact, but I never tire of feeding more information into my mind for more confirmation  as to whether I am right or wrong or if I am on the right track or otherwise. I was woken up at 4 am. by my cat and decided to sit on my bed as I always do and again I arrive at the same conclusion as I always did, I just have to quit accumulating more knowledge and instead put it to practice more as my mind is a mind of an addict. I realize that whatever I do I tend to become extreme, enough is never enough, just like posting this Blog which is now numbering over 2300 posts thus far.

Although my original intention was to improve on my writing skills and be able to share my life experience, to date it has dominated a good part of my time like an addiction. I used to believe that to be real good at any endeavor one has to become addicted to it so much so that one cannot live without it like to coffee or cigarettes. Wisdom says that one has become attached to and is dependent upon one's addiction and hence it is time to break free from it. I tried, but to no avail and i am still writing and what is worse, I am affected by how many hits my posts receives every time I make a post. My ego has again taken control over what I have been trying to cultivate throughout my writings, which primarily is to remove the sense of egotistical tendencies. During my meditation or sittings I have watched how from so much ramblings that happens in my head I was able to bring the mind to silence, however out of the blue a thought would slip in and off i go on again rambling away. A word,a thought, a memory of something that had happened earlier, anything and I lose my solitude or silence to 'the monkey mind.' However I am happy to say that I am able to remove the discursive thoughts in a few minutes much faster than it used to be and the simple truth is by not entertaining them one way or another which is something I had learned while a student at the Zen Monastery. It may sound easy, it is not, as most who meditates would tell you. the egoic mind is more slippery than an eel.

I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with having found my salvation through the Zen school. I was definitely a lost soul before I entered the Zen monastery at Green Gulch Farm, in Marin County, County, California. I was at a cross road towards becoming totally lost or regaining my sanity and my fellow Zen students were   most helpful despite the fact that I was more of a pain to them. Perhaps the All Mighty in all His infinite Compassion had set my course towards healing myself of all my negative traits through the simple practice of Sitting Meditation. Today I may not have totally cleansed myself of all my bad habits and my addictions, but I feel  a whole lot better of who I am than I ever did before. I hope and pray that the same is true of all those who sat with me at 'The Farm' and my gratitude to all my Teachers who had pointed the Way for me. Gasho!
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"Bahari! Wake up! Stay Awake!"
Junpo Kelly, (My first Zen Teacher).

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

How well have you spent you the time of your life?

I cannot claim myself to be an artist in the normal sense of one who produces works of art like paintings and sculpture that sells for zillions of dollars at Art auctions, but  I do not deny that i can or could have been one. But I  am creative in more ways than one, I like to draw ans sketch wherever and whenever while at the same time I collect my thoughts as notes while this act is happening. I call them notes to myself. 

I enjoy fishing even if I do not catch any as it gives me time to relax and meditate on the horizon. I only fish when I get the chance to but do not make extra effort to really go fishing . Oddly enough I always feel guilty sticking a live worm or shrimp on to the hook, I feel the pain I cause to the bait and to the fish I caught.
I enjoy playing the flute and the guitar but am not really good at either, just enough to entertain myself and others when the occasion presents itself.  I try to master a song or two just for the moment when I am asked to play and I enjoy singing with it.
I have often made it my effort to visit the rural areas where life is more  physical and challenging. Meeting the local folks and getting to know their life and day to day activities. has always given me great pleasure and much to learn that books and videos does not convey.
Working on my art  has kept me from feeling bored or in need of something to do. I allows me to express myself  while focusing my mind on the activity at hand. I feel sorry for those who are of retirement age and at a loss as to how to keep themselves busy. Most will take up gardening around their home, while others travels if they have the means and health to do so. The more fortunate ones are those who have taken on a hobby or two all along which can in their retirement days become more entertaining if not rewarding.
Staring out into the wilderness and the hills, the lakes and the rivers, is another of my favorite past time and I try to make the effort to do this every chance I get. I would allow my mind to wander to the far distant  shores and imagine myself  walking among the bushes and smelling the landscape around me. The question, what it would be like will call out for me to venture to where my eyes can explore only from the distance. Even the white clouds above me becomes a scenario for my exploration. I like to feed my senses with the vast expanse of the nature around me.  
Planting rice seedlings into the muddy field is an experience that all those who eat rice daily. thus helps to remind one of how hard it is a job to grow the food and give us thoughts on why it is bad to waste food.

Being able to revisit places that had been at one time or another my 
haunt keeps me in touch with what it was like in the past the good as well as the not so good moments. I like to also observe the changes that had taken place over a period of time for the better or worse.
This was oe of my most special moments when I sat on this boat cleaning the fish that I had caught for dinner.  A small group of us had been camping along the river for five days and it was located deep in the jungle. By looking at this picture I am reminded of all the exciting moments that took place while we were there. In essence all the pictures I have taken are reminders of events and episodes in time of my life; not easily forgotten.
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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

What have you done with your Life?

It is often said by great minds and especially modern day human consciousness researchers that we should stop dwelling in the past and create the future. I agree, and if I do why do i keep postings the events that had happened in my past life? Am I dwelling gin my past experiences or am I attached to them that i cannot let go of them, like posting the sketches that I did some twenty of thirty years ago? Perhaps I am, but I have me reasons, my reasons were formulated when I decided when I first decided to keep an on going art/journal which has now culminated into this Blogging; my reasons were preconceived when I decided to embark upon this journey of self discovery. All the episodes, the dramas, the successes and failures that I have experienced , I have tried to keep a record of albeit in writing, paintings and sketches, or in pictures, I have kept an ongoing documentation that they had happened and I have kept a proof of these events in case I were to be asked to verify my claims. Have you really lived in the Aleutians, or have you really lived and practiced in a Zen Buddhist Monastery?

The other reason to this is that i wish to share a different approach or perspective as an artist for those who are looking for a meaningful approach to being an artist other than just painting in a studio and having numerous art shows and selling great art pieces. I set out to live life itself as an artist as I often call it- The Art of Living. I had graduated from the University of Wisconsin( Green Bay) with a self designed program that allowed me to leave the campus every smester and travel the world as an artist. This was how i started to keep an ongoing journal or sketchbooks that had I had encountered in my travels. These later continued into my life even when I was working at various jobs and moments that I was able to capture on my daily activities. I have tried to keep as many of these journals as i could even when I made my move from the United States to Japan and then back to Malaysia, however sadly enough a few were lost or misplaced along the transitions.

 It was my intention from the beginning to try and keep a documentation of my progress or regress as I get older such that I may someday be able to make them as a reference in and when I decide to write my own autobiography. It is also my intention that my biography be illustrated with my own creative expressions through my ability to draw and paint. I enjoyed very much in taking pictures for as long as i can remember and with the introduction of the digital camera this became an even more exciting venue for me to capture moments and keep them on record. My Google+ archive had over one million hits at one time until I am no more able to excess this link for some odd reason, but i am used to loses like this and perhaps the link can be tracked down by those more savvy with the Internet than me. I am just as happy that this Blog itself has over half a million hits to date internationally and I hope that in some small way I am able to share with those who read my Blog an insight or two as to what I have shared. It is gratifying enough to learn that there are those who devoted a little of their time in following my postings.

We all wish to leave a footprint behind when we exit this life, mine is this legacy of having lived life according to my specifications and not being contained or controlled by others; this is the legacy I leave behind for my children. This Blogging is firmly contained in the Internet and it would not be easily erased for whatever reason, not in the near future and thus it is a part and parcel of one man's journey no matter how insignificant it may seem to some it may be a pleasant read for others. If my maker were to ask me, "what did you do with the life and talent that I had given you all those years?" I would simply tell Him to read my Blog.  

Monday, December 02, 2019

My Endless Doodles -2

There a time when I needed to have a companion to provide check balance over all my thoughts and actions, lest I transgressed and commit myself to actions i could not retract or become a victim of my own errors and thus i created "The Bug" a small insignificant entity but yet carries a potent impact over me the thinker. I had created the "Zen Stick," even before i was familiar with the Ways of Zen . 

'The Bug' had always been there as Nemeses to the CB Buddha, the alter Ego that keeps reminding me of not gettig out of hand or thinking beyond what is my limitations. I created the Bug ALMOST THIRTY YEARS AGO!

When things got way out of hand or i really loose my sense of perspective as to who I am and what my limitations were, the 'Bug' would remind me that the smallest of my manifestations can become my nightmare. This was how i checked my egotistical tendencies not to get carried away.

20 -30 years ago my mind was doing what it is doing today, it never really grew or matured, it is still asking questions and looking for answers. I am my own worse critique in this life. The bug is my way making things less tense.

The  'Bug' was created as a yet another entity of my subconscious mind that every now and then materializes to make a statement of point out a weakness, or act as a catalyst for an on going issue affecting my self. It is a bug bugging.
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My Endless doodles.

This quote, "It is easier to eat off your belly than off your back, " was uttered by 'Gus' and Native American of the  Enuit Tribe or was t Tilinket?  It was referred to the a discussion on how Sea Otters have their meals while floating on their backs and crushing the shells of the crabs or whatever else that needed the shells removed with a stone that the otters had.

There are voices in my head and sometimes it was necessary to give them names, like the Cheeseburger Buddha , the Bug and so forth. This is so, by identifying them I get a better sense of who is saying what and for what purpose. 

I did this sketch while waiting at the Denver Airport Transit Lounge. For lack of anything else to do i tried to while my time away creating stories in my head while capturing the scene around me.

I believe I was on my way to Green Bay, Wisconsin  
from Anchorage, Alaska., or was it the other way round?
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This sketch might have been from an ad I saw at the Airport, a Happening in Jackson, Mississippi.

This Statement was uttered by the Historical Buddha on his final hour before entering PariNirvana or the final Enlightened State. Perhaps similar to the Advaita Vendata state of becoming One with the Atma-Brahman. This to me has been the essence of the Buddha's teaching- removal of the ego identification of the self.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Housekeeping -"Philosophy of the Broom" -H&H Ship Service.

What I learned about myself having worked at H&H Ship and Environmental Services was th at if I were to put my mind  to it, I was capable of the job done. Nothing was impossible so long as I was performing for the benefit of the whole and less about myself. I was responsible for the safety and well being of those who worked under me in a volatile line of work that had caused a fatal accident and the whole company was under scrutiny by the various government of the state of California for a possible shut down. I was moved by the fact that most of the employees involved in this hazardous work were illiterate and had families to go home to. Most it seemed were oblivious to the fact that they were breathing toxic fumes and their bodies were literally covered by hazardous materials that came out of the Underground Storage Tanks that they were cleaning and they leave for home at the end of the day barely cleaned from their work day carrying with them the residue of the oil and sludge on their physical bodies if not on their cloths and most would probably play with their children and grandchildren once they got home. It was my duty to find the remedy for this at whatever cost.

My first impression of the yard itself was one of a mess with black oil and sludge splattered all over the ground around the work area and there was a shack that had a filthy refrigerator in it where the 'yard boys' would hung out to rest. When i walked around this shack it smelled of urine as there was no restrooms nearby. The ground was covered with greenish algae and muddy when stepped into as there was no proper drainage to talk of; in short it was simply filthy and we were located not three kilometers from downtown area of Market Street, San Francisco. I made up my mine then and there to clean up as my priority and clean i did by practically flipping the whole yard upside down. I made a pact with Will Harris Jr. that if he were to change his bad habits of booze and cocaine addiction, I would help him turn the company around and he did. He spent sometime at a rehab center and later returned to run the company as its president. Together we set about upgrading the facility and i was invited for my opinion what was needed to be done before a group of engineers in Will's office. Will Jr. or better known as 'Little Foot' among the employees went on to become the Entrepreneur of the Year for the City of San Francisco in less than two years. 

Bill as I called him was a high school Quarterback and highly intelligent and energetic in his younger days with a bright future being the only son of a millionaire father. Then he lost his wife and son in a auto accident and his life took a downward curve into drinking and drug use. He was in a very bad shape when I first encountered him, however he recovered and took control of himself and the company like he was meant to be and even his physical appearance transformed into a clean cut business man. One of his brainchild for the company was to set up the Emergency Response Team for toxic and hazardous waste discharge, (HAZMAT) in and around the Bay Area. I lived in the basement at his home in Oakland for a brief period of time while he was away on the drug rehab retreat and it was fun as it had a Jacuzzi right at the front entrance, there was a drum set and an large electronic organ in the room that had a waterbed. This was the house that I was supposed to have cleaned the yard in the first place when I applied for the job at H&H.

A whole lot of drama happened as I jumped from being a sweeper to the Yard Boss which included having a man punched and a knife put to my neck. There were a whole lot envy and discontent as everyone wanted to become the boss and I was new and the most unlikely character for it; I was also not a White Man and most of the truck drivers were not too keen to take orders from an Asian. But I had the backing of my boss and that of the lowest ranking employees most of whom saw what i was doing for their benefit. Most of them were African Americans and Latin Americans, including a 72 year old Native American and his grandson, two or three Filipinos a couple of Cubans and a Vietnamese. I had to learn to communicate with all these mixed group of people to get things moving and most were not highly educated if educated at all. Some carry guns in the trunk of the cars while others were either half drunk or stone and never dared to question. But i told them as it was when getting a job done and kept reminding them of the consequences that had happened with the former supervisor who was blown up sky high due to taking things for granted.

I called my work approach as " The Broom Philosophy ", because i focused mostly on keeping a clean house no matter what else happens. Housekeeping became the key principle in the yard. It all boils down to keeping a clean work environment to ensure safety for one and all.
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Friday, November 29, 2019

My Job at H&H in a nutshell.

How I got the job at H&H Ship Services was a unique story in itself and has written a few times in the past in this Blog. The gist of it was that I had been asked by my friend Joshua B. who lived then on the corner of Haight and Ashbury in the basement garage of  a building which was converted into a single room apartment. I was on the verge of being homeless after being asked to leave Green Gulch Zen community for my less than good conduct, perhaps one of the few students to be kicked out of a Zen monastery. Can't say that I blame them for I brought it upon myself through my old bad habits especially when it came to women. After a week of sleeping on the floor and under the kitchen table of his home, Josh arranged for me to work at his friend's home in Oakland, cleaning the yard. I was to meet Will Harris Jr. at his office on the water front of downtown San Francisco. The office was located on Third Street and China Basin which today has been turned into a Baseball Field for the SF Giants,
# USTD facility. Hazardous Waste Management. H&H Ship and Environmental Services.

I arrived at the office at seven in the morning and met with an African American gentleman, bald headed and had blue coveralls on. Later I learned the  Mr. Cleveland Valrey was the dispatcher for the company. There was no one  else except for the President of the company Mr. William Harris who was in his office. Upon explaining my purpose of being there i was introduced to Bill senior or late known to me as Big Foot. Big Foot told me that his son would be in perhaps in the afternoon if he does made it to work. However upon having heard my intention, he offered me a job to clean his yard instead which was the company's yard. I accepted and started my work the following morning. My job was simply as a sweeper and everything else that goes with. It was an easy job for me as I had spent almost two years doing exactly just that in a monastery and was not getting paid a dime for it. I did my job happily and within a year became the Yard Superintendent answerable to the president. In one year my salary was doubled and I was given the use of the company's pickup truck.

My promotion to become the 'Yard Boss' put me in charge of the Underground Tank Disposal operation which was at the time I was the sweeper, was going through a litigation involving the death of the supervisor due to an explosion of a six thousand gallon fuel tank that he was suppose to cut. This incident placed the operation under tag and lock by the Coast Guard Authorities and I learned about this a week into my  employment with the company. I observed and learned about what was going on and later decided to take it upon myself to run the yard myself as it all seemed simple yet being turn into a mess due to negligence and what was known as a 'fly by night operation', attitude of the management.

It so happened that one morning I noticed a Chinese gentleman approaching the front office and I intercepted him and upon inquiry learned that he was an official from the Department of Health,(DOH) about to shut down the USTD operation for good. I practically begged him to give me a chance to make things right no matter what it took and somehow he agreed to give me the chance to proof myself and left without going up to the office. He told me that if I needed his help in any way all I had to do was to call him. I told very few of my fellow employees of this incident and vowed to carry out my promise to this  Chines gentleman.
In less than a year I was able to make sure that everyone working in the yard had seven pairs of coveralls to wear along with fresh gloves and breathing respirators when handling hazardous waste. The company started employing a lab for testing toxic waste that came through the facility and that all employees went through a rigorous Health ans Safety Training carried out by various agencies such as DOSH, EPA, The Fire Dept. and even the Dept. of Transportation. The following year the company made a profit of two million dollars and the rest was history. H&H was the sole company that handled the USTD facility in almost the whole of the Western seaboard of the United States. It was the longest time i spent on any single job in my life; six years total. 

H&H Ship and Environmental Services - What have become of them?

Oddel Edwards, Don't worry Sam I got an eye on your back! "That's what I am worried about Oddel!"
No spills there please! Hermano.

The 'Tank Muckers' -a nasty job of cleaning the inside of Underground fuel tanks after they were being cut, for disposal.


The H&H boys and girls.

Can;t remember his name, the truck driver and 

the mechanic.
The 'Tank Farm, to the right where all the bilge water frome the battle ships were collected and recycled.

Mr. Cleveland Valrey, Dispatcher and everything else that makes the company run. Aka known as Mr. Tibs.

Sydney Forster, asst. engineer ( or so we call called him)

Reflections of Alaska.

There is no sense in talking if you are doing the walking, whatever I read, listen to, witness first hand, I put to the test, I put it to practice for no matter how short of long it may be. Albeit meditation, Hatha Yoga or the yoga of postures, or Raja Yoga or the Yoga of the mind, sending sound waves through my head like i am doing at this moment, controlling my breath while I am feeling like I am about to have a stroke, you name it I do it. I have slept in the jungle and deserted temples, I have sat in grave yards and sketched and i have commercial fished in the Aleutian Chain, or the Bering Sea. I hiked through Colombia and Ecuador and even managed to smuggle a bag of Colombian Gold, (Marijuana),through the Miami Airport, just to test my guts if not stupidity. I once sat on top of a rock formation that stood tall like a column out a few yards from the shore in Alaska and was carried away that i found myself stranded when the tide had risen and had to practically swim back to shore in the cold frigid waters. Fortunately there were no witnesses to laugh at my stupidity.

When I reached my destination in Sandpoint, Alaska, a small Aleut fishing community, that the fishermen called, the One Horse Town, I had no money and no place to stay. It was a harsh place with only eight tress growing and the rest being a Tundra type of landscape. I was not scared but as a matter of fact was resigned to die having accomplished what I had set out to do; go fishing in Alaska. I ended up living among the folks of Sandpoint better off than most of the fishermen who went there to fish, those that had came from the 'Lower 48s'. Not only did I have a good bed and good food to eat, I was also able to fly from island to island making deliveries of food and liquor to the natives courtesy of my Bush pilot friend who asked me along for company. I flew and saw the bird's eye view of snow covered mountains and even around a volcano that was spewing our muddy clouds of smoke into the sky, views one only sees in documentary movies and often while stoned or drunk at that. Not even the native boys had this opportunity my friend Dwight Blackburn the Cessna pilot once told me, but I was good company he admitted. My one regret is that i did not have a good camera with me or failed to carry one along. 

My fishing trip in the Bering seas was short but full of fantastic and often scary experiences which I can never forget for as long as I live. I saw things and scenes that can only be describe as out of this world. Every so often I would reflect upon the fact that there I was a kid who grew up in a mangrove swamp of Kampung Selut, (Muddy Village), having the time of my life and few to share it with and who among my childhood friends or family would believe me and it cost me next to nothing except for the food and fares of getting there. In essence, I bought me a one way ticket to Alaska and survived the raw deal. I had one of the most beautiful lady for my companion  and she ran the only restaurant in town and what more could a man want. I made good money selling my artworks than fishing and at the end of the first year was able to vacation in Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia together with my partner.

One lesson I learned from my journey was that, you never look back and as the saying goes, you burn your bridges behind you. You overcome your fears of the unknown or what lies ahead and that the worse that can happen is that you die and no one in your family back home will know about it. In short thee was nothing to loose but life itself. In all the years that I had lived in the United States I had made one phone call to my home in Malaysia and talked to my father who talked me out of my despair and ending my life by suicide. This happened when I was living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I also received one letter from my eldest brother to inform me that my father had passed away later on when I was living in San Francisco. I had relocated to Malaysia in 1998 after having lived in Japan for three years with my late wife and two children. What I have gathered from my wanderings in the past has now become a fading memory, However thanks to my art journals and collection of pictures and notes, most of these memories still lay fresh in my mind. It is said that most artists have photographic memories, I think I am among those lucky ones.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Who are We? - Why Bother?

Sri Ramana Maharshi, the great Sage of India, said that the teachings of the Bible is contained in two statements, "I Am That I Am, and Be still and know that I Am God."

"Atma Vichara - Self inquiry - Dyana, Meditation consist in the fervent contemplation of the Self as Sat Chit Ananda, Being, Consciousness, Bliss."

The Great Minds of India has through their own personal self sacrifices have imparted to us knowledge and wisdom of the ancient from thousands of years ago and thanks to the Internet and such in our modern day and age we who seek the truth to whatever is able to share these knowledge in order to transcend our own personal ignorance. For the true seeker, the one who holds the burning charcoal in the palm of his hands till it becomes ashes before if ever giving up in looking for the truth, answers to questions and ways and means to allay doubts from the mind, these knowledge handed down from generation to generation has become the elixir of spiritual life. For the awakened ones, those who have attained some form of realization that there is much more to life than simply existence, the  understanding of these knowledge leads to the liberation of the spirit from the bondage of the mind created illusory world. In this day and age of beginning of the end of days, the Dharma ending age, the age of dissolution and destruction, it is imperative that the true seekers of the truth in whatever manner or form it may be, make the fervent effort towards untangling or unraveling the entanglement of ignorance that has kept the mind in control of one's fate if not destiny as a human being.

We as human are being place here on this planet merely as passive observers but given a vital role to play in the course of our destiny and to protect and preserve what we inherit from those that have left us to become custodians of this Planet we call our home. To do this we have to come to a thorough understanding of who or what we are capable of as humans. We have to look way beyond our mental and physical perceptions, our needs and desires, our sense of merely to survive this that we call life. We have to accept the fact that we are Creators and not merely curators or spectators, we make it happen, we design it to become perfection and not destruction. We have to transcend our identities as merely entities that has evolved to become just another specie among other sentient beings occupying time and space on this Planet like parasites the eats off its host in order that its specie alone will survive while killing off the rest of other species. To awaken to this realization is our primary goal in life, that we are who we are because we have been endowed with the body, mind and spirit and the Grace of the Universal Soul that governs all, call it by whatever Name you may. 

We are the still a part of the first creature that had crawled out of the waters of stillness, of Creation itself and evolved over the millions of years to become who we today are, at least on this physical plane if not spiritual. Sadly enough we have become enamored by our ignorance and evolved to become the predatory creatures bound and determined to bring an end to ourselves if not the very Planet itself. Somewhere along the line of our genetic evolution we have accumulated a sense of an exclusive identity we understand as who we are and we call it the ego. Along with the evolution of this  perception of a discriminating personality we are affected by the three illnesses that is   the cause of our present day miseries; Greed, Hate and Ignorance. I, Me and Mine, is how we identify ourselves as we struggle for our own self survival and we accept it as living life. We build walls and fences, we go to wars and domination over others, we collect and accumulate much more than what we need for this survival. We build edifices that reaches the skies to claim our sense of superiority over others and create massive temples of worship to claim that our faith and religion is above others, that our God or Gods is the One true God and yet these temples are often empty of devotees except on Fridays and Sundays in most cases. We are willing to kill and die for our faith, our systems and doctrines and worse of all we kill simply because
we enjoy it as it has become a part of our genetic code.

The tranquil waters that our first ancestor had crawled out of is today a quagmire of filth and garbage of our own making, we have become blinded by insatiable needs and desires that we lay waste behind us polluting even the oceans that life itself depends on. In short we are defecating over the very table we sit to eat. This is the realization that has prompted many among us to take a closer look at who or what we are and to take measures towards a healing process that can and will turn our fate as humans around for our sake if not the rest of Planet and its inhabitants; who are we? The wisdom of the ancient has foreseen where we are headed towards and has laid down the course for us to pursue, but we have deviated from this course and claim ourselves as an enlightened civilization, the perfect man created in the image of the Creator Himself. Will we ever learn? Can we ever transcend our ego and see ourselves in the Collective Spirit of the Universal Consciousness.


Monday, November 25, 2019