Friday, March 20, 2020

Social Distancing? -

As the COV19 pandemic takes its course and tolls around the world, I cannot help but ask myself if I created this mess myself. Yes I have had often enough wished that a global pandemic of one kind or another would wake humanity up from its slumber of ignorance. Now God has pulled the handbrake and all is in lock down, stay home and be happy orders have been given by most governments around the world. Sad and tragic as it is, I feel like it is entirely my fault or those with like minded people as me who has become so sick and tired of the negative state we are in as a specie. I had wished for a miracle as only a miracle can help us to change our course of collective consciousness towards a more positive and loving one, however i found that miracles are a rare commodity at this stage of our human history and so I had silently wished for shit to happen instead and looks like shit is happening.

Careful what you wish for, it is said and it is my bad that I have created Karma to destroy Karma. I have brought upon myself a big time karmic consequence in order that humanity will come to grips with its karmic evolution. In the Hindu calendar of Ages, we are running into the end of the Kali Yuga or sometimes known as the Age of Destruction, or as the Buddhist calls it the Dharma Ending Age or as the Judeo- Christian- Islamic tradition would call it the End of Times, which off course modern day man and especially the skeptics and the scientist would scoff at as bogus, we as a specie are going through rapid changes often beyond our control. Hen ce we say the world is spinning out of control, perhaps it is us who are spinning out of control and just refuse to acknowledge our state of being as a specie. To put it mildly, we are shitting on the very plate we use to eat from as we go about living worse than animals while calling ourselves created in the image of Gods, the civilized ones on this face of the earth. There is a verse in the Quran that says something to the effect that man was created to become the Keeper or Warden of this Planet. Look at us!

If we were to look at ourselves through the Biblical eyes of our Creator, Satan has practically own his bet that man will become self destructive and he will bring mayhem and bloodshed upon himself and the Planet, Then again perhaps this is what being human is all about what with free will and the ability to think and make choices has placed us in such a predicament; we have become more beastly than the Beast. The virus is here to tip the scale of our evolution towards making us realize how fragile we really are and with the hope that this will wake us up from this slumber we have been in sleep walking in a dream that is slowly but surely turning into a nightmare. Shamefully I admit that this is not the legacy that i hand in mind to leave behind me for posterity, to my children and grandchildren if I were to have any.

The Virus in indeed a wake up call for humanity and hopefully it will last long enough and has enough impact to shake our minds into seeing the reality that we have created for ourselves. Then again two World Wars has not done much in the past and it seems we are bound and determined to evoke the Third as our option. Perhaps it is meant to be so, that we will eventually become victims of our own free will, only instead of evolving towards, Harmony, Love and Compassion, we are still led by Greed, Hate and Ignorance. Hence today we have become prisoners of our own making, we are living in a locked down state whereby not allowed to leave our homes for fear of spreading the pandemic even further. We are becoming familiar now with such new terms as 'Social Distancing,' In my country, Malaysia, they are even suggesting calling for a military intervention to carry out Marshal Law just to make sure people do not leave their homes.How distance can that be? 


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