Friday, November 08, 2019

Humanity and Collective Consciousness.

The Heart Sutra is the binary code for the understanding and application to human consciousness. I encapsulates the sum total of how we perceive the external as well as inner realities of existence. It is the Way that the Buddha had discovered for Himself in His quest for the meaning of life and suffering in order to be liberated from the bonds of ignorance which is the major cause of suffering. He went through rigorous practices of self discipline and came to the point of   suicidal attempt as He sat for forty days without food or water under the Bodhi tree until early one morning He awakened to self realization of the emptiness nature of all existence and declared, "I am awakened and the Universe awakens with me." The Buddha manifested the totality of the power of human consciousness that transcends all and penetrated into the truth of Being. Life and death had no more hold on His being, He attributed His awakening to none, not God or Gods, deities or transcended beings,   but they all awakened with him. With the manifestation of this wisdom that is beyond wisdom, the Buddha set a standard for all beings in the six realms and the ten directions, present and future. Space and time seizes to have any significance and the Mind is empty of its own being, the 'I' is no more; No Buddha, no Mind no birth and no death.

In essence humanity was awakened along with the 'historical' Buddha, however with the passing of the Buddha of space and time humanity slid back into ignorance and the Dharma wheel that the Buddha had set in motion some two thousand six hundred years ago has slowed down almost to a complete halt in this Dharma ending age. Human pursuits of the external, material existence has become a hindrance, shrouding human consciousness with greed, hate and ignorance. These are the three illnesses that the Buddha had set out to eradicate but as the history of humanity has proven, is now on the brink of a catastrophic failure. If and when the Darma wheel seizes to spin and comes to a complete halt, the age of darkness and chaos will prevail, hence we are today in the age of the Kali Yuga or the age of destruction according the the Hindu cosmic calendar. One might say it will be time when the universe will seize to expand and starts its reverse course of contraction until comes the time when it becomes its original nature of the God particle, the anti matter.

For those whose awareness has awakened in this age the speed of time changing is exhilarating at a faster pace, days seems shorter and weeks comes and goes much more rapidly. For those who have lived long enough in this life, the feeling that the body is slowing down is not only due to aging but also due to the fact that time is speeding up. Most of humanity has come to this realization but collectively few have any idea of its impact upon existence itself, fewer still has any inclination to do something about it. In essence the battery that is generating the energy to run this universe is slowly but surely dying out, we might need to jump start or recharge the battery; how? The most basic solution to begin with is the collective human consciousness, the sooner humanity awakens towards its self realization, its role in creation and take action the better chance we stand to keep the Dharma wheel turning. Our very existence albeit as individuals or as humanity itself depends upon keeping the wheel revolving, for when there is motion energy is generated, even as mind and body slowly decay and dies when there is prolonged stagnation.

The poverty that we suffer from today is the poverty of spirituality as man in his pursuit for material wealth has neglected to develop his spirituality, that which reminds him of his divinity. Most religions especially the Judaic, Christian and Islamic faith are leading their faithful towards the afterlife, investing time and money in preparation to enter heaven while the rest is more concerned in how to make the best of this life economically. A good percentage of humanity is still embroiled in power and dominion while a very small percentage struggles to keep the balance between the now and the hereafter; these are the awakened ones. The awakened minds has to grow exponentially in order that a collective spirit of humanity can be harnessed to counter act against the decadence of the collective human consciousness. The energy that is needed to regenerate the energy to spin the Dharma wheel is inherent in this collective human consciousness.
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