Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The lightness of being-Enlightened.

When we are able to remove the veils of our mental formations which are the results of mental conditioning since the day we breathed the first breath on this Planet, we might catch a glimpse of the reality that is behind all these. The Buddha called it Maya, this realm that we are existing in and he had set a course towards finding the way out of this strangle hold we are being held into and attain towards freedom and liberation from the ignorance that we have been blinded with by systems and societies. he has found the for humanity the way to exit from this round of life death and rebirth. Through His teaching the Buddha has set ways and means to remove all the veils that we are trapped with and allow us to see what lies in truth for those who can see, beyond the ordinary perception of the human mental faculties.
Scientists has began to predict that the human mind has evolved and is capable of infecting the outcome of our very physical existence if and when we have mastered its potentials, we become the very creators of our own plane and dimensions or realities. What is topping man from virtually become his own creator? it is his conditioning into thinking that he alone is responsible for it all, he alone is the master of the environment and circumstances of his existence. he discard the fact that he is is in part subjected to the laws of Nature and the Universe and eh has to abide by these laws in order to become the master himself. Man has to look outside of himself and see the consequences of having broken the covenant between the inner and the outer world , that is, he has to awaken to the truth of his own inner nature and act from this position called the Dharma Position in Buddhism. From the very essence, of heart of heart, man has to become the enlightened, the living truth that is his original Buddha Nature.
The path towards Enlightenment is the key towards our liberation from the bonds of this Mayavic realm of existence and for each and every individual that has taken the step towards this journey Humanity attains a step towards its own self healing. Every individual effort in the process makes a whole lot of difference as every effort in the opposite direction towards ignorance and suffering is just as consequential. Hence in it our very purpose in life to find our own true nature by any means that we have adopted to be "Our Way", as there is no one way but there is only one goal and that is to attain towards the liberation of our souls from the bonds og ignorance. To step out of the blindness of our every day existence and walk in the lightness of being; enlightened.

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