Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Homage to Bruno Manser- Laki Penan.

A shift in my topic from the usual spiritually related subject to a local scene of the plight of the Indigenous folks of the Malaysian forest has seen a drop of reader's interest which dropped from almost 400 hits earlier to 91 yesterday. What does it tells me? It has become a trend that spiritually related topics attracts more readers especially those from the East including Russia and a decline of those in the West like the United States, Canada an the European countries. Over the years ever since i started Blogging the trend has been the same and it gets more and more distinct of late as though the West has become less and less moved by any spiritual practices or ideas. I write primarily to inform and remind myself of where i stand at the present moment in my life and not worry who reads or who does not, however it has become an interesting phenomena to make this observation of  what ticks the collective human mind/consciousness.

A part of my intention in making my last entry related to a local interest of the plight of a tribe the rainforest of Malaysia is to share how one can put one's self discovery into practice for the benefit of the whole. In this case it is to raise the awareness of the few like minded people towards what is happening in and around the country that deserves our attention if not compassion. I posted the writing on to Face Book and got about twenty hits with a few comments. Including a comment that was heartening from an artist friend;

  • Jeganathan Ramachandram This is true living feel and want to do the least we can. This is true existence of creative voice out and you have the words that move emotions...wish one day we would work together and be part of an art community that not only paints to sell but create awareness about life
  If asked what good it is all these effort towards self discovery or even having a Blog or to what use can it be, the above is one answer. If i can move the heart and feelings of one man, I am sure I have made a difference, II have made a contribution towards my society, raised a sense of awareness towards those gets hardly a notice from the rest of the nation much less the world and these forlks in the forest are facing extinction no less. Perhaps at my age I may not have the energy to act more aggressively like what the Swiss activist Bruno Manser did for the Native tribes of Sarawak in fighting off the loggers and the powers that be. 

  1. A moving homage to Bruno Manser - YouTube
    17 years ago, Bruno Manser, a Swiss campaigner for the rights of the Penan nomads of Sarawak, Malaysia, disappeared without a trace. A new film tells his story. (SRF/ 

    Can one man make a difference? Bruno Manser has proved that the love for a people in need of help is worth his life sacrificed and his name will be a part of the Penan tribe for the rest of their history. 

    # Penan, Bruno Manser, Sarawak, Borneo

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