Saturday, August 24, 2019

Save the Amazon - Mother of all the Rain Forest.

After having watched the whole series of, " The Green Frontier" I found out on fb that the Amazon Jungle, Mother of all rain forest in the world is burning out of control. No matter who is to blame for it there no justification whatsoever that would make it right for again humanity has fucked up big time against Mother Nature. Oh sure we don't feel it so much all the way here in Malaysia, but give it time and we definitely will.  The cut and burn of the tropical rain forest is not an unfamiliar phenomena for us as we get it here too courtesy of our neighbor Indonesia that every now an then send haze all the way from Sumatra and Kalimantan areas to the Mainland Malaysia and so much so that we are used to it now. The Amazon burning is a whole event in itself as it will effect more than just the loss of vegetation, flora and fauna, it is the loss of  our human moral obligation towards our capacity as stewards of this our planet. In Islam it is said man has been appointed as the vicegerent or wardens of this Earth, Caliphs or caretakers and what do we do, we simply fucked up big time. What is even more shameful is we keep looking for someone to blame instead of find ways and means to put out the fire. 

In this day and age we can send armies in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands into another country to wipe out lives and flatten cities. We are equipped with the state of the art weapons for destruction, and mobilize at the drop of a coin and we brag about it to instill fear in our enemies. The enemy that humanity faces today is much more destructive than a nuclear bomb as it is spreading at a rate that would make Hiroshima and Nagasaki as child's play in comparison. Humanity is facing a force of destruction that will tip the balance of nature so bad that WW1 and WW2  would seem like a picnic in the park simply because its long term effect will be like a terminal cancer for the whole planet as there will be no rebuilding or reconstruction in the aftermath. Mother Nature will prevail yes, but not in our lifetime or our children's for the recovery to happen. 

The loss of biodiversity alone will be if not already is, a tragedy that will live with us in infamy, and we aught to be ashamed for allowing this to occur in our lifetime. The pollution that will fill up the rivers and every body of water around the Amazon area will become so toxic that for life to return back to normal will take time and effort if ever. Then there is the life of the indigenous, the forest people and their spiritually attached to nature way of life what is to become of them? This is no doubt the environmental disaster of the century for the planet and the repercussion will be dire all around the world and not just the countries in and around the Amazonia. Let us see what those in power who claim to be the Super Powers  can do to stop this catastrophe from becoming a terminal human tragedy of this century. It is sad, very very sad, hopelessly sad. 


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