Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Retreat at the Farm to contemplate life.

Is it finished yet? They asked me. Nope not really it will be completed when I am dead and gone or when someone make a good offer for it. It is my meditaitve [piece this 100 feet long painting.

It is nightfal at the organic farm and the moon is on the horizon. 

Getting ready for the downpour. 

The distant hills never cease to amaze me especially early in the morning.

Year of the Rooster according to the Chinese calendar and let us hope it a better year than the previous.

Getting ready for the next planting, working  under the hot and humid sun. 

I am back at he retreat, my personal retreat from the busy city of Georgetown, Penang. It is a week long holidy for the Chinese new Year and so Georgetown is not the place to be right now. 

The chalets are ready for some new guests arriving according to the Captain.

The river is a little murky from the rain but still a great place to kick back and take a dip as the water is quite cold. 

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