Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Kuala Sungai Pinang -Balik Pulau.

I was wondering what to fill my time with on this day while at the 'Pondok' and edecided to take a drive to Balik Pulau which is about twenty to thirty minutes drive from Georgetown.
The Island of Penang is roughly about 47 miles in circumference and if you take a drive from any direction you will end up right back where you start.  But along the way the scenery would be different for as you drive away from the city area you get to enjoy the rustic life of the kampung folks, ie. if you drive viaq Bayan Lepas towards Balik Pulau and later to Teluk Bahang. But if you drive via Tanjung ToKong towards the Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringi areas you will enjoy alot more scenic Hotels and Beach areas. So which way to go?
I took the 'New Road' which takes me up across the hills to the other side . Saves time but not good on my little car which is like its owner slowly loosing power with age.I headed straight for the locatiino I had intended which was the Kual Sungai P9nang fishing village area..
The tide was high and this gave a different perspective than when I was there last. I like to stydy the reflections of the images in the water and also the shadows cast by the old shanties build to house the fishing gears and so forth.
It was a scorcher of a day and also time it seem for boats to return from the sea after the morning's catch. Hence every now and then a boat would slip by creating waves that would rock the structures all around me while i am doing my sketching.
I made the mistake of thinking that the  man was carrying his grandchild! Nope, that is his youngest from his second wife, like oops, sorry.
Except for birds and their ceaseless chirpings and an ocaisisonal  dof barking , it was peaceful.
Life like the river flows on  as the sound of  hammering and  what seems like washing comes out of the homes close by and I am lost in my own world of drawing and sketching..
I am happy to be able to share these sights and scenes with those who stumble upon my blog and I sincerely hope that they entertain my visitors in one way or another. Yes the is always life on the other side of the island flowing along like the river if you wish to know about it take a drive.
'The4 Kancil", my trustworthy mode of transportation ever since I bought it I have had threes major accidents and the last one is still evident by the rust on the front fender. I have driven it to and fro from Penang to Trengganu on the East Coast a journey of about 400 miles.   

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