Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This too is Me.

"Ban! Ban!, Shamsok, which means , "take your time, Shamsul," in Hokien. This is wishing someone safe journey as they leave your premises. The word 'Samsok' also means the third uncle in Hokien and so I have become the thrid uncle to the guys working at the Huat Huat Auto Airconditioning Center and the motorcycle shop across the street and the the mechanic next door. Ah Seang's Auto Shop. They are all Chines boys young and old. If if I fail to turn up for two or three days, they are concerned and so does some of the customers and frequent visitors to the ares of Sungai Dua near the JPJ Office, Penang. Although a predominantly a Chinese area, most of the customers from way back when are mostly Malays, My friend Mr. Huat is like Jackie Chan, the 'Laughing Buddha" of Kung Fu of the 'Drunken Master' tradition of Chinese Martial Arts; my friend Ah Huat is the Auto Air conditioning Sifu in the George Town Area, especially in the Sungai Dua Area. I am his apprentice, a disciple of the Art of Dismantling Auto Air Cond. parts, a student of human relationship, how to communicate and how to relate, how to not give up or give in, how to maintain your balance on this path of action.
I had just returned form the recycling shop where I had sold 39 Kilogram worth of Aluminium spare parts mostly the cooling generator part. I had been dismantling these discard blocks piece by pieces utilizing tools which i would had never had the chance to handle, like the simple Allen Key. My finger nails are never without a thin black line running all around them, my skin itches from being allergic to the waste black oil that ooazes out of the parts as I tear at them. My arms an my back aches from the strain and my fingers stretches to the maximum every time i try to wrench at the bolts with the Allen key, a slip and game over, you will have to find some other ways to do the job; the anger and frustration, the satisfaction of knowing that i still got it in me; I am an Eclectic I choose only the Best to learn and emulate from; I find my Gurus and they find me.  
At the moment I am writing this, I am sitting in the basement office at MGTF-USM where i have been coming and going form for the past ten odd ears of my life in Georgetown everisnece i came back from my travels all over the country and the world looking for my self. Now i am sitting here listening to Hans Zimmer's Epic Theme of "The Son Of God" the movie. I am here and I am in the Now of Eckhert Tholle and that of Jedu Krishnamurti. Swami Rama,of Ram Dass and Of Allen Watts, of G.I. Guirdjief, Mooji and all the Great Man of the World...my Teachers, my friends, my torch bearers...The Hidayat. Shaikh Abdul kadir Al JIlani, May Allah Protect his Secrets..." my guide, my Saint.  

"IN the beginning there was the Word...and He came into the World....the Word Became Flesh and made His dwelling among us."

I am here looking into myself and what I had been through in the process of getting to this moment in time and space, listening to Hans Zimmer and letting my fingers tap dancing the surface of the key boards. Why do I keep making mistakes when I type these words? My back is killing me! and my shoulders feels like they are carrying a ton of aluminium on my back heading for the recycling center. I am as blissful as i can afford to be for I am in my Lord's presence as i have always bee, for where I am there you will find me. I  am the Master of all circumstances in my life, I am the master of my thoughts and consciousness, and I am the Master of my Body, Speech and Mind...I am That as i am the Word and the Word Is me...how can there be God if i do not exist, at least in this consciousness...in tis moment in time and space.. in this blissful moment of being able to reflect to and fro the passage and times of my life thus far.
"If not Now, When? If not here, where? The master asked.
Satori, Is, none who experience it.
Just as suffering is, None who suffers.
In this Human form waste not Time."
This is in Essence is Enlightenment in the moment in time."

" We thank you Lord by Whose Word everything comes to Be...Amen!"

And this too shall pass....
dedicated to my friends at the Sungai Dua Auto Mechanic Shops area.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't "shamsok" Cantonese? Ah sok is "uncle" in general while the equivalent Hokkien term would be Ah Chik.