Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It could end at any time.

Osamu Kitajima's Dragon King -full album on You Tube, provides for the background music this afternoon while i am also eating my lunch of rice and veggies and a piece of lever picked out by mistake. Earlier the guys working for the WiFi installation came over late as usual and when my daughter asked why they said they were at the hospital where one of their friends had just passed away from high blood pressure. The deceased was the one came over to install the unit for our apartment about a month ago,he was 40 odd years old with three children and wife left behind....Such is!
You could almost cook a chick outside without fire and so i am giving myself some time before heading out to Ah Huat's mechanic shop. It is not a hard choice to make between the heat and the cool environment to work from. This my way of making time and space work for me and these spaces are there at no cost for me, provided for by the higher order in life who i do not wish to ask why or where for that I get these little favors.
Here at the MGTF -USM I get to work on my mind, observe it, share it and put it to creative and productive work without too much effort or being coerced into. Simply put i take my own time doing pretty much what i like to do given the circumstances and time. Work is an ugly word to most people as it means having to do specific things and fulfill specific obligations in a timely manner. i am not at meeting  datelines although I cannot remember not being on time in delivering my services in  the past, I still do not like the fact that i am under the pressure of time; I create and utilize my own time in pretty much what i do. What is essential for me is to get things done no matter how fast or how slow it takes to get it done, it is essential to be able to become enthusiastic and creative in whatever needs to be done and produce satisfying result for one and all. 
Work in whatever shape or form is a therapy for those with very active mind like myself. Work helps to bind the mind from wandering aimlessly and creating necessary false flags for the emotions to handle or the external to take hold of one's inner peace of mind and turn it into chaos. Physical work that needs allot of energy will keep the mind focused or collected more so than when the body is not active; it good to sweat the mind and body out as regularly as you can. It would be more beneficial if while achieving this you are also making a good income. That is why great sportsmen. are the most luckiest people on earth as they are making good their life form doing what it is that they enjoy doing. But then again who knows, they too may have their own crap to wake up to in their daily lives. 
The yearn to leave all these behind and roam the country side is still percolating around at the back of the mind and i have not been able to take my trip to the Organic Farm in Sik, Kedah for quite sometime now. I am drifting into the comfort living of the City Lifestyle. This is not too bad in itself for the time being as i am also being there for my daughter who is going through a change in  her life as well. i hope to be able to do a little travelling as soon as she is well adjusted at her present residence. 
Now she is 24 years old!
  Hence, this will my routine for now doing what needs to be done with a minimum effort and no pressure or obligation to fulfill other's needs unless i choose to do so of my own free will. Work is play and play is work either way you look at it it helps to fill up empty spaces and time, it helps to keep the mid from drifting and the heart in tune with what is within and without. Life is unpredictable just like the guy who passed on this morning leaving behind a load of misery for his family.  

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