Thursday, May 11, 2017

In this human Form, Don't waste Time - Happy Birthday Shakyamuni Buddha!

Who am I according to the Mandukya Upanisad.;

You are not the waking person.
You are not the Dreamer.
You are not the deep sleeper.
You are apart from the waking world,
You are apart from the dream world
You are apart from the the blank sleep world,
You are the consciousness illumining these states of you existence.
You are not God, nor are you not God.

The consciousness of who you are is something that you cannot see, touch or smell..etc.
It is not transact-able, not use=able/ nor graspable.  nor can it be inferred and thought about. It cannot be named.

If you follow this "I feeling" you will come to this consciousness.
You are completely untouched by the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep states of existence.
Absolutely peaceful, ever undisturbed and full of joy.
Non dual, you are the world, you are everything and everything is manifesting through you.
...or something like that.

As I have been emphasizing time and again throughout  my Blog, the ancient texts,the ancient ones, the great minds of old and the modern day gurus and poets of the mind, have all been telling humanity the same truth disguised in different forms and styles. The Truth that is inherent in all of us who is known as the Homo sapiens. We who have been endowed with the power to think, to reflect to feel and to be able to make choices; the truth is that we are One. We are in essence Gods or Divine beings with the capacity to create or destroy, to Love or hate, to share or deprive; we each and every individual have this power if we are awaken to its presence.
Only through 'Right Understanding', 'Right Mindfulness and 'Right words , thoughts and deeds can we come to inherit our birth right of being Divine Beings more so the just Human beings. Having squandered our days, lost in the delusive state of Mayavic existence, we have caused so much strife and discord within and the external world; we are a sick species that needs to be healed from within. The healing will have to begin from deep within our individual consciousness, without sounding like a broken record,; healing has to begin with the will or desire to discover who we truly are. We have to discover and realize what we are made of and how the mind and body function in all these. 
The Ancient Ones, the Sutras, the Teachings, The Holy Scriptures the had left behind for us are the very road maps that can lead us towards our very own self liberation, freedom from living within the confinements of conditioning and bondage of ignorance. To live beyond just the need to survive, the desire to outdo and dominate over others is a waste of the golden opportunity for man to become more than mere men. The Buddha is said to have said, "In this human form,don't waste time!"

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