Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Holy Spirit.

Yesterday came and went and it was yet another Friday where is at still like a stone Buddha before the pulpit at the mosque listening to the Imam deliver his sermon. The whole morning started off with getting off from the wrong side of the bed as my son came in and asked for some cash to cover his bus fare which was about three ringgit or RM3 which is about less than a US dollar. I told him i had two sitting on the table that he can have and two more in my wallet and that was all i had to my name. I was sicker than a dog from the flu with coughing out phloem and the whole works so much so the my chest cavity hurts like they were being torn apart. 
I got up and took a shower , it helped a little to clear my head and decided to take a drive to where i do my work which where i am right now and then when i am done here head on to the mechanic shop to see what i can get my hands into. I hate hanging around at home with the restaurant outside full of customers and me feeling not so hot. I needed to get away but at the back of my mind I also knew it was Friday and I M COMMITED TO GO TO THE fRIDAY pRAYER. I will let this typo error be, as it might be some form of subliminal message from you know who. But i still told myself the heck if I care about God or whoever at the time and so i headed for the car; it wont start! Later found out the battery was dead. 
So to the mosque i went instead and I knew then that I had committed more than just your average sin in the All Mighty's eyes and even if The Lord is all forgiving I still belong to the special team who most probably will do the toilet cleaning job in heaven if I even get there. So there i sat an hour earlier than usual meditating on the front line like i always do in the past Fridays. Watched my mind do its thing of self mutilation and mortification before God and the whole drama of why I am not worthy to be there and so forth. "I am not the body nor am I the mind!" a meditative technique came to mind and i tried to put it all together as to how they all fit and off course they don't as i sat there with the All Mighty right before me, (as it should be as i am in His Home), but i just sat with my eyes closed watching my mind dance its monkey dances until the Imam came to the 'mimbar' or the pulpit.
As my eyes had remained closed, the man sitting next to me nudged me to bring my attention to the donation box that was sitting in front of me. I reached in my pocket and found RM2 there from my previous week's and slipped them into the box and slid it to the next guy down the line. The sermon hit me right on the head as it was on the topic of The devil or Satan and the battle between the Creator and His self created nemesis. It was on how the devil works his wiles on us through very subtle means which we are too ignorant to even identify much less defend ourselves against and what is worse according to the Imam, most of humanity today do not even care one way of the other as they have become so enamored in their material pursuits. Yes the sermon from the Genesis in the Bible and the Surah Albukharah in the Quran rang a warning bell somewhere deep in me waking me up to yet another dimension of reality in my psychic existence. Something that i too had become too busy with my self indulgence to take note of. In this Universe of possibilities all must be taken into consideration and some are to be taken even more so seriously while one is still on the path. 
The sermon is as old as the time of Abraham and Moses and the warning goes all the way back to Adam and Eve, but today more than in the past it is a sermon so relevant that the very sanity of humanity hangs in a balance for neglecting to pay heed to its warnings. Satan is Mara in Buddhism, and in the individual it is the ego or nafs. When  one does not recognized one's own true nature then one is easily led astray by all kinds of delusions set up by the mind through the influences of one's ego, the darker side of one's polluted nature. Throughout one's life we are subjected to all sorts of pollution from within and without and these pollution causes our mental faculty to become erroneous and weak. Through conditioning from the day we were born to the present moment while we are grappling with who we truly are at our matured life, we find a scapegoat to hang our fault on to. Satan is the Judeo -Christian and Islamic scape goat. It is not denying that Satan exist as told in the Biblical, Quranic revelations, it is acknowledging that in order to remove Satan from the equation, I have to discover my own true nature, my Ruhul Kudus. my 'Holy Spirit."
Ruhul Qudus @ Roh Kudus/Suci (bahasa InggerisHoly Spiritbahasa Ibrani: רוח הקודש; bahasa Arab: الروح القدس), kadangkala dirujuk juga sebagai Holy Ghost, adalah makhluk suci yanXDDg telah disebutkan di dalam seluruh Agama Ibrahim yakni IslamAgama Yahudi dan Kristian.
In Buddhism it to realize one's "Unborn Buddha's Nautre."
It can safely be said today that the devil has his work cut out for him as humanity for the most of it has no more concern for such folk tales as the devil or the angels for that matter. God is worshiped on Sundays and Fridays or five times a day as a ritualistic performance for the benefit of a brighter afterlife, however in practice in daily life mankind is far from being pious as the opposite is often more true in most cases. Greed, Hate and Ignorance, still rule supreme in all religions of the world only the awakened ones catch a glimpse of this reality. Self serving, self gratifying self fulfilling ambitious pursuits is the code of ethics we wear in this our modern day society, often if the garb of a holy man of God. 

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