Thursday, September 08, 2016

"My head is under water but I'm breathing fine...."

So long as I am alive shit happens and there is no end to it or so it seems. This morning I received a final warning letter to pay up my loan in two weeks or I will be dragged before the court and crucified in every which way they could think of. Then my friend Ah Huat the auto air cond. mechanic received a speeding ticket letter for the car I am driving which is still in his name. The first loan is for RM5700 and the ticket is for about RM300.and i have about RM40 ib the bank account to my name. My son Karim has just started working at a new job and is running on empty till his first pay cheque and my daughter is still living on her own surviving day to day for food. But ther is no doubt a silver lining behind all these tribulations which includes my back ache acting up, perhaps as a sympathetic symptom to what I am dealing with.
 Looking on the brighter side, I did create a few pieces of artwork done on discarded gas tanks that was used by Ah Huat at his workshop. These tanks were turned into piggy banks and hopefully will sell. I also made RM563 selling the copper wires that i had spent time extracting from discarded auto air cond. compressors. Most of the money will go to paying for the loan and the traffic ticket.

The Love of my life.
I also got to spend a little time with my daughter taking a slow drive around the Island of  Penang. Simple pleasures in life does not have to cost much, just enough to see you through from the beginning to the end is all you need. The more important thing is to have that time and make the effort to make things happen despite all the crap you have to or are facing. In this short span of time we have on this earth, making the best out of the worse of situations is still all that is worth going for. When you are down, rebound and make it a higher and a longer leap towards the glory that is yours no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. To be able to make someone else happy is how you tell the world that you care. That all is not lost or there is no hope or any silver lining behind those dark clouds; if only we would have a little faith in who we are. We  are able and capable of making things happen and all it takes is the will to do so..."I can do, whaT I WILL TODO!" i will leave the typo error as it is. When you fall flat on your back, there is only the sky to look up to.

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