Thursday, July 07, 2016

My Conclusion of what my Faith is.

On this new day of the Islamic calendar I wish to take the opportunity to give my thanks to the Lord of the Universe for having seen me through yet another year which was filled with many challenges, trials and tribulations. I am grateful for having made it with my health still intact although some parts of me are beginning to function less than they normally would, like my eyes are beginning to be a little bit blurry and my energy overall is somewhat less than it used to be, these are to be expected for a man who is approaching the seventies. At least mentally I am still able to keep up with this Blogging with each Blog entry I  am able to let go of my feelings and make amendments to my errors and misgivings. 
Alhamdullilah Hirabil Alamin! My gratitude to Him, Lord of the Universe! May he continue to lead me along the straight and narrow path towards His Seat or Arash and may He bless me with His Wisdom and Kindness, May He protect me and my family and make of them great Muslims in the eyes of My Lord. I have lived long enough to be said to have been given a bonus of longevity as compared to many of my friends and loved ones and for this I am grateful. I have made many good friends along the way and some are closer to me than my own siblings, and along the way I have also offended some and for these I can only ask for their forgiveness. I will always love Humanity no matter what shape color or form they may come in and honor each and every man his or her being just as i would mine. I will continue on to foster peace and understanding among all my fellow human beings and share my understanding of life through my Blogging.
Through my religious studies of various other faith and spiritual practices I have come to fully accept Islam as my Way of Life and will make every effort to fulfill all its obligations to the best of my ability without any more excuses or justifications. I am fortunate to have been given the chance to practice the faith living among devote Muslims of relatives and friends here in Malaysia. They have been my guides and i have been their reluctant student. All along i have come to realize too that not many have forced me towards doing what i did not want to and as such i now know that it has always been up to me to be or not to be. I have come to embrace Islam like a man who enters the Mosque through the back door. I have yet to go a long way to be able to call myself a good Muslim, but i have arrived at the point of no return whereby there will be no other faith I would adhere to but only the religion of Islam as revealed unto the Prophet of Allah. 
I do not  and will not claim Islam to be the only true religion, better or  worse than any other faith, but to me there no God, Only Allah and that Mohammad is His messenger. The 'Kitab' AlQur'an was first revealed during the Month of Ramadan and it is the last of the of the Holy Books revealed to the last of the Prophets of Allah; it is a conclusive revelation that wraps up the religion of Abraham and his two sons Ismail and Isaac. From Isaac sprung the Judeo-Christian faith while through Ismail religion of Islam. All Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers in faith and is no doubt in my mind, except those who chose to write their own version of the religions for their own self serving benefit. As for the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and the various other religions in the East, I believe they too are part and parcel of the 'Bigger Picture' of Mankind's Faith and spiritual practices as they precedes the Judeo-Christian -Islamic faith. For those who have the open heart and minds to discover their own true nature all they have to do is 'Read' or 'Iqrar!' as the first word in the Holy Qur'an had declared. There is no wrong or right religion, there is only Right Way to living life for the benefit of the Whole of Mankind. The Unity of Man is the only thing that stands between us and the total Chaos and anarchy facing us in the near future; Islam to me is a religion of Unity.      


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