Sunday, December 14, 2014

Paranoia? or Self Awareness?

It is not easy to simply ignore the presence of others especially if they are your family and relatives and it is not easy to simply just walk away from them when they are there looking at you with some expressionless looks of,' what the hell are you up to old man? Yes, I am back in Penang with a nasty migraine from working out in the hot sun for the last dew days cleaning up the farm. My visit to the farm too was not very inspiring this time as there was changes in attitudes that was not there before but present now due to a certain amount of success that was achieved by the 'Korporasi' and it is slowly sinking into the heads of leaders like success always do. Arrogance and disdain for others is beginning to show in their interactions with those who came to learn and those like me who volunteer their services.It is sad, but it is human nature regardless of who or where you are in this world it is bound to happen.
People come from all over the country to find out what is going on and perhaps learn a thing or two about the growing of organic rice but not all are there by choice and not necessarily are into what is being shared, they are there perhaps because they were made to by respective agencies in the government as i found out, it is more like a vacation for them. These are the type that will not take sarcasm while being talked to too kindly and this is what was going on  sadly enough.. Educating adults takes a whole lot of  manners and understanding, otherwise it will become a negative.

The captain means well and has the well being of others at heart no doubt, but he is still highly influenced by the Military habit that that has been his style in dealing with people and sometimes this meets with those who cannot accept commanding authority or being treated like they were in the army.Many i talked made this quite clear about the Captain and the same was expressed by those who pulled out of the project in its earlier stages, the captain and his rough handling by the captain who demonstrated power and control over others through his communication skills. 

Unlike the captain, Tuan Haji Marzuki, or the'Kelulut Man' as I call him is a more better communicator and makes for a better educator and this was not only mu own observation but was also expressed by the others who were taking his Kelulut Class. I am making this observation because it is a lesson I am learning for myself through watching how others function, what makes for good or what fails to achieve what goals one has..
When you loose sight of your goals and intentions then you act with your ego than from your heart.

Trigona/Kelulut honey have long been introduced only to discover this Trigona honey goodness. What is Trigona/kelulut bees? This is a family of honey bees also, but it is smaller and did not sting. Unlike most bees, kelulut not harmful  to humans and the honey produced is useful in medicine and health.  Like bees, Kelulut also form complex social colonies. MARDI in Malaysia has conducted research on this species and found Trigona bees in Malaysia has many species of Kelulut bees. In Malaysia , there are 30 over species Trigona bees.

This Kelulut bees produce honey and propolis  rich in antioxidants. Slightly different with ordinary honey bees, honey from the Kelulut bees is  light in color, it taste is not like the other honey,  its not as sweet, sweet  flavor it more earthly. Sometimes it can taste like some wood. Because the nest is near to the group, like in a tree stump and difference from the normal honey bee which up high in the tree.

Propolis can also function as anti-fungal, anti fungus, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that is commonly used as active ingredients in cosmetics, creams and tablets. Kelulut honey is still in the research and potential commercialization.
Antioxidants have many functions, especially in the cancer problem. Among the reported illnesses cured through traditional treatment methods is the use of propolis are :
 -diabetes mellifluous
- stroke
- hepatitis
- cancer
- hypertension
- kidney stones
- and HIV / AIDS.
 Based on studies conducted under the supervision of Assoc. Prof Dr. Amrah Siti Sulaiman, from USM Kelulut states of Malaysia, that kelulut honey could reduce glucose levels for diabetics and effective prevent cancer and gout.

Anyhow, general speaking, for its nutritional value and benefit, said its far better than the normal honey. No wonder it so much more expensive.
Info From- Trigona Bee Farm.

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