Saturday, July 06, 2019

Meditation-The Middle Way.

Meditation is not just sitting on your butt, but more importantly sitting on your mind, the dual, thinking mind the egotistic mind the mind that has tales to tell and horror stories to share from the past and into the future. Meditation does not end when you leave your meditation seat or the meditation hall, it expands into the next action you take, in essence it happens with every breath you take while sweeping washing drinking, singing, dancing, feeding your cat or driving to pick up your children; it is called Mindfulness meditaiton, in some schools and Meditation in action to others. Whatever technique you employ it is entirely up to your own choosing, that which works for you. Zazen, Yoga, Chigung, TaiChi, or Sufi style, there are schools from way back when to learn from; be eclectic. Most importantly is that you do it, as Nike says, 'Just do It.' Even tem minutes each morning and evening would be a good  beginning, the first step towards the destination of awakening your mind.

Listen to J.Krishnamurti talk on You Tube or Alan Watts or Osho or Eckhart Tolle, Mooji Baba, Sat Guru, the list goes on and you will get a good perspective on what is Meditation. Why it is very crucial for humanity at this moment to be practicing this age old way, is evident in our current state of affairs on this Planet. To heal the world, humanity one has to heal oneself, understand the workings of one's mind and what is consciousness, what is being in the here and now and taking action straight from the heart not the mind; if the heart disagrees, do not act, Meditation helps to bring us closer to our hearts and away from the dual thinking mind where right and wrong, good and bad, black and white becomes predominant in our thinking. The heart is guided by Love and Compassion when in action and we have drawn too far away from our hearts and we making errors through manifesting the ignorance of the thinking mind that is clouded by too much external stimuli and acts on the principle of survival rather than coexistence. The 'small mind', the me, me and,my. mine personality that we manifest into the external environment is one of possessiveness, clinging, cavorting, hoarding and claim this is life living. Other than prayers and invocations, chants and singing, meditation is the safe and direct way towards uncovering the heart where the original nature resides, that which is who you truly are; 'The Temple of the Living God is within you.'

When you are neither wide awake nor in deep sleep state, you are on the middle path where the traffic is usually smooth and consistent and you get home without too much stress. This is the path of meditation, to slow down and not be drawn to move too fast or too slow, but consistent. Steady as she goes as they say, takes stress out of the equation and even if it recurs it is handled with Loving Kindness not blame and accusations; I am right, you are wrong! To many meditation brings them to a state of blissfulness while to others it helps to stay focus, whatever the benefit, it is yours to enjoy while in this physical form and mental states; your goal  if there is any is to arrive at an awaken state of consciousness. To view the Universe with your heart ,not your mind. It helps for you to seive through what makes sense and what is nonsense; Sit! Not standing nor laying down, it's the Middle Way.


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