Monday, April 22, 2019

If not Now-When?- Dedicated to those who died in the Sri Lankan Bombings

How does one keep on perusing a course of action in life that would ultimately become synchronized with the core of your being who you are. You belief system, your faith,your habitual tendencies and so on. How does one become fully assimilated into one's practice in life after having lived for seven decades and experiencing as much as the mind could gather of knowledge and wisdom or trials and errors of right and wrong such that it becomes a part and parcel of one's so called identity or personality. This is who I am I say, but who am I who keeps evolving into something that i never thought I could be when there is a change in the course of all these triggered by some unforeseen event or occurrence shifting my consciousness into some new paradigm, some new direction or course of action? All I can say is to keep on going with the flow, adapting and accepting what is and moving on to the next event as they arises. Nothing is fixed in concrete or carved in stones as life is ever evolving, metamorphosing, however it is still up to me to adapt with wisdom and intelligence, to take each and every changing steps with caution and determination.

Where is these leading me up to? Why the need to become so immersed into this self seeking, self, realization, this years of 'soul searching towards realizing the truth of what it is all about? It is because this is all that is of vital interest and importance for me; to make sense out of all the nonsense and embrace the right understanding of the meaning of my existence on this plane. I am endowed with this sense faculties that demands to be ultimately used to the best of my ability as a thinking entity; "I think, therefore I am." to quote Descarte, I believe he was partly right. However what happens when I stop thinking, which most spiritual practitioners ancient and modern yogi has been trying to achieve myself included. Perhaps many have succeeded in this quest during their lifetime, some for a moment in time while others throughout their lives or so them claim. The silencing of the mind is the cessation of thought formations, the pausing of the flow of life that enables for change to happen for better or worse. Just like when we shift the gear from one to another speed, there is a brief moment of neutrality, so does the mind when making a change of subject, there is pause in between.

In this state neutrality there is the possibility of  catching a glimpse of what is, an insight into reality that is clear and lucid even if it is strictly personal in nature and brief in moment. This is my understanding, of what i have been striving to attain on my road towards my own salvation; if it benefits me in some small way it will help benefit others in the course of their lives, those who cross my path in one form or another. Many strive to attain the "Creative spirit" or creative mind, seeking to find the originality and the genuine, but few has taken the mantle to do so without giving up. I do not intend to give up my quest, futile and idiotic as it may seem, I intend to untangle  the tangle and enlighten my spirit before the end of my days. If I cannot attain enlightenment and libraton in this lifetime, I would deem my life as it is a total waste of space and time. I deserve to be thrown into the avichi hell.

In Buddhism, Avīci (Sanskrit and Pali for "without waves" – Chinese and Japanese: 無間地獄, Wújiàn dìyù and 阿鼻地獄, Ābí dìyù) or Avichi is the lowest level of the Naraka or "hell" realm, with the most suffering, into which the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn. Wikipedia.

The Buddha is said to have said that it is in this human form that one stand the best chances of attaining liberation, so  no time to waste. The human race is entering into its darkest moments and there is rise in evil forces initiating chaos through brutality and murder. It is in need of answers more so than ever towards the understanding of the human factor. Yesterday, they bombed several religious buildings and hotels in Sri Lanka claiming over 160 lives and many wounded and we ares till reeling from the Christchurch New Zealand carnage. Evil is on the rise no matter who claims responsibility for the incident. The human mind is becoming infested with hate and ignorance if not greed that underlies all these incidents. It is more imperative for all those who are on the road towards awakening that we strive even harder to find the healing process for this illnesses.   


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