Sunday, September 03, 2017

We are, who they are...awaken with them.

I asked myself the same question again upon getting out of bed this morning, what will today bring and decided to do something about it for answer; I decided to pay my niece and her children a visit in Balik Pulau. I have not seen them much lately and so today being a public holiday would be a great idea instead of waiting for events to unfold I will trigger one and go with the flow. It was raining all day long in Balik Pulau i was told when i arrived and the kids were playing badminton under the car porch and mom was on her way out to get the car cleaned on the inside as the family had just taken a vacation to the East Coast for a week and so the inside of the car was like the aftermath of a Basketball game.
I had a good rapport with my sister in law which in the past i found it not quite so easy  to listen to her as it has always been listening more than talking with her. I realized that that was what i was supposed to do with her, my late brother Gina's widow. She rambled on just about every detail of their trip bask to Terengganu, (the East Coast) and from the sound of it all she had a good time.
When the trials of life get a little heavy, I seek the innocence of the children

Whoever brought me here, must take me home...Rumi

Such Is, Such Is.

It is all there Is.

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