Saturday, September 09, 2017

Be Awaken or Be Taken!

Peace be unto you and yours. There slowly but surely comes a time in a man's life that stops acting and start becoming the character he has chosen for himself in this realm of existence. A time to pull the hand brake although not all the way, and bring this scene to  graduall stop for inspection, take a pit break, check the engines and recalibrate the senses and align the body, mind and spirit and take the next leap of faith. There is very little sense in living in this human form if in doing so one cannot transcend and become awakened if not enlightened, be free from this bondage of ignorance from beginningless times; Greed, Hate and Delusion. One can become rich or poor in this life but we are still in bondage of Maya, of Shaitan, of The Anti Christ, of the dark Forces, the Negative Energies that which is the Dark Matter; we have our ego to contend with. "You may have won the battle today, but you have a whole war ahead of you, within you: your nafs., the Prophet of Allah was quoted , more or less to the effect after he had won a battle.
Only this war will be fought with the banners of, Compassion, Love and Understanding, these will be humanities's Weapons of Mass  Salvation. Compassion is the way of the Buddha.  Love is the way of the Christ and Right Understanding is the way of the Prophet of Allah. "Thou Shalt not kill,' is our rallying call to battle. Where ever is need we shall assaulted injustice and put an end to man's beastly conduct towards his fellow creatures on the face of the Earth. Yes, we have become the worse of the worse of God's Creatures, a cancerous virus. and it is due time we take it for what it is and face it. We are enroute for self destruction, but we can still exit with our pride and dignity still intact and our humanity preserved.. We can still harness the most awesome force there is available to us, that of the Collective Consciousness and act as one in healing this planet; we have very very limited choice, Such Is.
So Peace be to you my fellow man and women, Be Awaken or Be Taken! 


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