Sunday, September 10, 2017

Note to myslef.

God has no religion nor does he subscribe to any philosophy of scientific formula, God is Omni, All encompassing, call Him by whatever name you will, He Is still God, the One and only One. Everytime you say I, you have made it two, I and Him, me and my God. In short you have to die and return to the One, merge with His essence, For so long as the I recognizes the I to be who he is, for so long as he identifies with the I he is lost in delusion and subject himself to suffering; for as long as you have the 'I', you suffer. How to get rid of this I?  The demise of the physical form does not guaranty the disappearance of consciousness and science is on the verge of making this discovery a fact. 

I am not in the market to sell Islam to anyone or Buddhism for that matter and as i mentioned earlier, your faith, your religious belief or non-believe, is not really my concern, however i put down my thoughts to advise myself and find out is I am off or on the course towards my own salvation: what do I do when my time is up? No matter what i have learned of accumulated in terms of virtues or transgression in the course of my life, at the end of the day I will have to lay it all down and walk alone and empty before my Lord to be debriefed. Not a thing escapes this final hundred yards, for as long as there is life, there is death and all life has been is in preparation for death . The question arises as who dies or what dies? Can a man die with full consciousness as an observer of yet another phenomena of the life and death process without the loss his mind?  Ah! So! This is what it is like!?

The Ancients of every nation on earth has in one form or another handed down a form of practice for man to at least learn of himself and thus bring a greater understanding of we face the moments of our ending. This is what truly gives meaning to the question of life, to make your own self discovery and your relation to the Whole. 

"I am Whole, Perfect, Strong and Powerful,
  Loving, Compassionate, Harmonious and Happy!.
I can do what I Will to do!
Insha'Allah - God willing.  
From "The Master Key" by Frank Haarnell.

This has been my 'Mantra' since i was twenty years of age and was loaned this book by my mentor, Cikgu Yusof Ali, before i left for the United States and i took it along with me for the trip. When i first using the mantra i did not realize its implication or powers until I made further discoveries of who I am throughout my life. This 'auto suggestion', I recite to myself every night before i sleep and every morning i wake up, subject to forgetfulness and other such similar distractions. Today it has become a piece of my consciousness that has brought me down this path. 
If I am to exist as an entity on this realm of existence, I chose to be the best among the best to carry my service towards self realization among my fellow man especially children, friends and relatives and my fellow countrymen and the rest of humanity.

"Beings are numberless, I Vow to Awaken with them."
First of the Bodhisattva vows.

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