Wednesday, September 13, 2017

List of a few of my Missing Art works.

This large piece has has disappeared and i wonder who has it in their collections . It took me a few years to  be satisfied with the end product ubt it still needs that elusive magic that makes a apinting such as this  awesome.

One of my missing paintings Acrylic & oil on Board. 4x 4 feet??

One of the larger pieces i did that i felt somewhat attached to has been missing for a while now along with a few other larger pieces. I hope they find good walls to hang on. Whoever owns this piece know that it was never sold or given away to anyone. Last seen at the MGTF USM. storage area by the exit door in the rear of the building.
This is another missing piece of artwork, it just disappeared after an exhibition at the Alpha Utara Gallery . It is of two panels and measure four feet by five roughly. It is acrylic and oil on hard board.

Where is this painting today? This piece too went missing after a show somewhere. It seems like I lost a piece or two of my works everytime i had an exhibition here in Georgetown. Herein lies my lack of enthusiasm in doing anymore art for art's sake. My fault, what cn i say, i trust others to act accordingly but the need to make money outweighs right and wrong in my experience. Yes, i aught to have been more careful and keep an account of my works.

I am a good artist but a poor businessman, I am hopeless when it comes to selling my works  and not having a proper storage place my works tends to float around here and there until they vanish for good. My bad!


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