Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Chop wood, carry water..

Humanity needs healing the last century ago. We can ignore the fact an d continue on living in denial, in imagination or in dreams , sleep walking our way towards oblivion, or we can each and every one can help another to awaken. Give that tap on the shoulder, or say hello on the phone, keep a facebook account, keep in touch with reality. Only through mass communication and mass education can man stand a chance to bring back coherence in our collective human consciousness today or loose it all to chaos and insanity of yet another Mother of Wars. Mankind is on the brink of self destruction as we let alone the proliferation of our insatiable thirst for Greed, Hate and Ignorance; it has become a cancer in our blood and tainted our DNA  forever setting back the human evolution genome from evolving further into a specie of light. We are wrapping ourselves in a cocoon of darkness of ignorance, of cravings and wantings, clinging on to and hoarding what we don't need. we ignore the fact that this life is impermanent and everything that exist will cease to exist and nothing not a state mind can be taken with when we die.
We need to heal. Each and every man is responsible to his brother in sharing information, of wisdom, of spirituality of the sciences and the life hereafter, it is our duty to our fellow man to share our understanding limited as it may be. To become Masters in our own fields is a goal worth pursuing, this is who we are, we are a specie that strives for Perfection and Beauty, Pride and Nobility, we are a specie that can also evolve into Despair and Insanity, Decadence and Destruction. We are a specie capable of killing another for no apparent reason or to make a point. We have in the course of our history, created the best of the best in the Arts and the sciences, in Sports and in the Business World, We have evolved into a competitive society rather than a collective one. Man has over developed his competitive nature and it has made the ability to sharing obsolete; Nothing is for free in this land of freedom.
The Internet is the miracle of this century, The Lord has given man his final instrument of  collective salvation. The ability to share knowledge and eradicate ignorance as world wide we possibly can. Awake! Awake! Stay Awake! Don't let them fool you! Do not be afraid to ask, who are you? or answer who am I, when in the course of an everyday chit chat at the coffee shop. What is existence all about, Is there God if there is how come He is hiding? Share all about quantum physics with the cab driver or the fisherman, they may look at you like you are a fool or lost a marble or two or they might turn on you and become the Zen Master, taking you for a walk. The very tool that can decimate the entire planet from the face of the earth can also become its saving grace. The computer is our miracle if we use it like the Masters that we claim ourselves to be and help to propagate collective healing effort from around the globe. To simply bring the information into the consciousness of the next person is a good start. Don't be afraid to ask your mom at breakfast table, "Mom! Why are we prejudice against others?" It  might throw her into a mental loop or it might make her stop to ponder if she is feeding you enough oats for breakfast. Whatever the reaction, it will;be the time stopper, the shakedown of the consciousness factor and might even be that split second moment of Satori, a moment of enlightenment, from heightened mental jugglings that was brought to  a stand still by a simple question such as .Who are you? ; the tap on the shoulder.
Who are you? Who Am I? Who is asking? Who is making this observation of the observer of asking this question...who am I? Did i evolve from a frog or did my ancestors came from Abraham and Adam. What is my purpose of my being here other than to occupy space and suck in air.  When it is all said and done and my allotted time has played itself out what happens when i die? Do not hide behind religions for you answers, leave God out of the equation and find out the truth through your own volition, with your own mind and feel it within your own heart, that this is indeed the truth I have been missing; ah, so simple...so ordinary, how did I miss it. 
Before awakening,
chop wood and carry water.
After awakening, 
carry water, chop wood.


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