Sunday, April 16, 2017

Reflections of Friendship that has lasted.

Hashim, Master Boat builder of Pulau Duyung. He is also an expert sailor, a member of the Monsoon Cup Team for the Sultan of Terengganu. I have known him and his family for over twenty odd years now and it seems like life has not changed much for him despite his expertise in the traditional boat industry.

Only my friend Rafi, an ex-seaman with the Malaysian Maritime office knows Hashim's weaknesses! But that is his opinion and as far as i am concern i sit and watch and listen. Rafi is one of my closest friend ever since I returned to this country with my family sometime in 1998. He was originally from Penang but was married to a local and settled down in Terengganu for good.

These pictures were taken a few days back when I visited Terengganu as my elder sister was  admitted into the Hospital there. It is like a deja vu these pictures as they reminded me of my last visit here almost a year ago, we did the same routine. It seems like not much has chnaged in their lives except that we are all of us getting older and perhaps less wiser.

These are the men who has been a part of my life giving it some spice and meaning at times when i needed it. Throughout this Blog you will come across sniped of this part of my life spent among my friends on the East Coast in the State of Terengganu. 

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