Thursday, June 09, 2016

Living in Daly City -San Francisco - 2

I was working for a Produce Buyer and as part of my job it was to drive a produce truck to the San Francisco Produce Martket at around midnight and fill up my orders for the next morning.. After I have completed my purchasing I would  drive all the way across the bay bridge to Rockridge Mall where i would stack all the produce i bought in the cooler there. 

In the day time i would find my way to my favorite haunts like the Green Gulch farm and hang out there with my friends. Sometimes i would hang out at the Golden gate park to do some sketching there.

I did this sketch off a painting on the wall of my dentist a Dr, Ringrose who place two caps on my molars on the left hand side of  my jaw that is till this day still intact after almost thirty odd years, however the real teeth underneath are being infected and starting to decay, causes me pain when I chew.

A section of the Rockridge Mall where I would do my unloading of the produce after my night purchase at the SF produce market. I worked for Del Tomaaso produce.

Most of my time when not moving around was spent at the back yard of the house on Delrose Court in Daly City a place i rented a room along with an Architect and his Filipino Girlfriend. Tom Thompson was a very hyperactive character who  had allot to share.

 Allot of my time was also spent at the Museum of Natural History in the Golden gate park of SF. I spent my time studying all the stuffed animals behind the glass cases. I would spend hours sitting on the floor doing these sketches while being observed by onlookers.  

I lived in Daly City for a short while but my life there was yet another experience that I look back upon with allot of  fond memories as well as a whole lot of regrets.. Somethings you can't change but you have to just live with it.

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