Monday, June 06, 2016

My job as health and Safety Officer.-

It has always be my wish that i could experience working at a construction site and get a good feeling of what it was like working in the hot sun laying cables or hoisting beams, or laying a concrete pour or constructing scaffolding and so forth. my job as a health and Safety Officer fulfilled this wish for m in more than one way. Above sketch I got to witness how the pilings were done from ground up.

Hauling huge structures from one locations to another  was a job in itself  that required experts in handling traillers and 'Low Boys'. 

One of the companies i worked for was a heavy Lifting Com[any = Van Seumerren Rom Star considered to be among one of the largest Heavy Lifiting Companies in the World. I was a Dutch company but my boss was a Britiish by the nme of John Derrick, a good Manager of men.

I witnessed all kinds of construction that was possible only at such a site as the Refinery as it was a highly technical project  and employed the est in the Industries.

The site Safety Team was led by a Safety Specialist named Steve Morton who took his job as seriously as his job title suggested. Steve was a no nonsense Safety man. His Motto was always "Let's Make it Happen,"

There were more than ten Safety Officers on the Site off and on as companies comes and goes and each had their own ways of operating but at the end of  the day Steve Morton has the final say..

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