Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sometimes you just have to resort to the old ways.

I had a mini Satori again last night when i dropped by to pay a visit to my buddies at the fisherman's jetty off the Jelutong Freeway. Upon arrival at the location I was feeling my worse attack of 'gastritis' which i subscribe partly to the fasting and irregular intake of food or any one of those causes i cannot or care not to fathom anymore these days. After being offered the local brew of 'air Ketum' a drink made from a plant that in the old days was taken as a herbal remedy for many an ailments by the locals all over the rural areas and also well known for its ability to generate a little extra energy for those who labored in the rice fields and brave the hot sun and waves fishing off the coasts, air ketum has today become one of those 'Drugs' that the government are seriously taking action against for its abuse by the young.

Pokok Ketum, juga dikenali sebagai Pokok Biak (bahasa InggerisKratom), ialah sejenis tumbuhan daripada famili Rubiaceae yang banyak terdapat di Afrika, di utara dan tengah Semenanjung Malaysia serta di selatan Thailand. Di Thailand, pokok ini dipanggil Kakuam, Ithang atau Thom, di Amerika Syarikat pula sebagai KratomNama botaninya Mitragyna speciosa korth.

The Ketum also known as Biak in some parts of the country plant is found in several parts of the world including African countries, in the Northern and central Malaysia and in Southern Thailand where the Thais calls it Kakuam, Ithang and Thom, while in the United States it goes by the name of Kratom. Its Botanical name is Miragyna speciosa korth. The leaves are boiled and drank and it has a terribly bitter taste to it, and so it is often drank with a chaser, like Coke or some other sweet bottled drink or coffee. It does gets you 'high' if drank excessivly but for me half a glass got rid of my chest pains after a solid burp or two. While working in the hot sun weeding at the organic farm i was offered to partake in drinking the Ketum drink and yes it help to promote that extra energy from within which I did not realize i had. I feel lighter in my head after taking a glass and finds it easier to fall asleep at night. I do this only when the opportunity presents itself and the need for it is not addictive as I have a hard time with the taste.
Again like most natural 'drugs' found in the plant world, there is use and there is abuse and many today especially the younger generation users are falling prey to over indulgent in this substance becoming dependent on it till it consumes them. Anyway back to my mini Satori or minor revelation story, i partake too smoking a joint being passed around and after a few tokes I felt my body began to unravel as the pains started to materialize in all forms and from all parts of my body including and especially the mind. I did not realize how much pain i was in and how tight my body was all wound up and how much tension I had in my mind. So i began doing what i would normally do when I get stoned, I sit and i breath deeply and slowly till I find my center and worked out all the sources of my aches and pains and watched them drop off like sour fruits. As it normally does, my physical body starts its 'Yogic' routine of stretching and flexing all my muscles and realigning my bones only this happens almost effortlessly being under the influence of the Marijuana and the 'Air ketum, combined.
After having gone through the whole works and witnessed by the group who paid half their attention on the religious
 talk show on TV and having being used to my 'weird' motions and exercises, I found myself much lightened and relieved from all the aches and pains, I felt rejuvenated and I realized how so wrapped i had been for the last few weeks dealing with issues at home and then came the fasting to compound the pressure, it was a miracle i did not suffer a heart attack. My realization was that I had gathered so much knowledge about self discovery and consciousness and all the rest of it, but i failed to put any to practice. I kept getting hijacked by all the trappings around me and almost collapse from over burdening myself with useless and non essential issues; I forgot how to breath and let go. I told this to my close friend and he said it is a test of the Month of Ramadan.


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