Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Nancy.

It is my late wife's birthday today, may she rest in peace with the Lord. A piece of me was taken when she left Malaysia with my two children accompanying her back to the United States to be looked after by the doctors there on what was her problem. She was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's or in her case as rapid dementia a more vigorous form of the disease. I looked into her eyes as she walked through the transit lounge at KLIA and felt the pain in my heart as my wife looked at me with despair; I felt hopeless and helpless. I should have been on the plane with her but due to the 911 incident I was not allowed to accompany her without a visas processed which would take two months. My wife did not have two months as she was rapidly slipping into darkness. 
I give credit to my two children for being able to deliver their mother safely to my mother in law's home where she was admitted into a nursing home there in Waterloo, Illinois. They were about twelve and thirteen years of age then but had done enough travel that I trusted them with their sick mother and allot of prayer that she would not suffer any attacks on the plane all the way from Kuala Lumpur to St Louis. My children were later sent back to me in Malaysia by their grandmother as she could not handle all three under the circumstances, a sick mother and her two children. Their moving back to Malaysia meant I had to find a place for them and work on getting them in school. Fortunately i got a job working for Jerejak Resort and Spa in Penang.
I knew I would not be seeing my wife again when we last looked into each other's eyes with tears ready to spill at the transit lounge of KLIA , but in my heart I told myself as thought i was telling her that no matter what i will look after the kids till they are of age. This I have done although not to best of my ability but my two children are now adults and are doing fine as adults can be. The suffering my wife and I had to endure throughout our lives together I will take to the grave with me as it is not worth sharing the details that only two people can understand to make any sense. For better or for worse I know i loved my wife as best i could and had remained faithful to her from the beginning till the end.    

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