Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Views from my room on the river.

Night view of the Crystal Mosque fro under the Sultan Mahmud bridge. Taken from the back door of my 'House Boat'.

Sunrise over Kuala Terengganu from my 'Living Room'.

A Swift always found resting on the tail end of  one of the Boats.

Light and dark in contrast and colors.

The Back door to my 'House Boat'.

The simple bed I sleep in for a few nights now; no disturbance noted as far as the unseen is concerned.. It is reported that the area is heavy with nocturnal visits.

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Enrique Larrea said...

Hola Shamsul
I don't know if you still using this email. I'm going to be in Georgetown this Friday. My phone is 018 3265402. Please send me your number or call me. What about having dinner together? Btw my wife is coming, hope this doesn't scare you:) she has a good sense of humour.