Monday, June 22, 2015

I live on my own time.

Spent a day with my daughter selling my works at the Little Penang Street market lost Rm 50 in the efoort at the end of the day with a Rm30 ticket for my car parking space.  But despite it all had a good time.
 So, how does one turn a negative episode into a positive event? How not to dwell on the losses and thrive on the acts itself? Just have to keep reminding oneself these things so as not to fall into depression or even worse a sense of despair. Just observe and acknowledge and accept what is and act accordingly so as to make it all worth your time and experience...just another day and another dime worth of experience. While at it you are able to make one or two persons laugh or smile and meet up up with an old friend it is an added bonus...take note of that too. It is not all about making money and yes it would be nice if you do too.
Those two young ladies behind me asked to snap a shot, its worth being there already.
 I feel sometimes like it is my unspoken duty to expose myself and share my actions as an artist with the general public or the few fellow artists that I hang out with but I much rather keep pretty much to myself unless i am entertaining for specific reasons like family get together or an evening with friends. Perhaps it is the old age making me more and more a recluse. I find it much more rewarding to sit and contemplate, draw, paint and write if not reading one novel after another.
A friend from Oregon i think with the frizzy hair. 
 As you get older you become more and more choosy on how you get to spend your time and for me being with my children is a priority although i try to keep them being on their own as much as I can so they leran better to survive, fall and get back up on their own. I enjoy entertaining the younger generation whenever i get the chance to taking my pokes at them to jar them out of their minds like, Hey! peckerhead! I yell out, when are you getting married! What are you waiting for? or How come you are not fasting!! Then I would talk a little serious to them depending on what kind of mess they are into and so on.
I  will always find it hard to do nothing with my time.
I guess it is time to take another trip into the wild and perhaps do a fasting retreat all by myself. have dialogue with my Maker if i am lucky or perhaps find my soulmate. I know this crap about growing old is killing me.

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