Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Time in A Bottle....The Awakening.

Even in the wild where there was hardly any sound that was other than that found only in nature, no sounds of engines or motors, no yelling or screaming of human voices not even a barking of dogs, but only the Mawas and the birds high up in the trees, there is no escaping the mind. Thoughts of  my kids and how they were doing, thoughts of how poor I am financially and thoughts of how I have screwed up my life thus far still infested my mind. 

I sat looking at the grand display of light and colors and I wonder If I will ever be free from the attachments i have towards that which i have manifested in my life through  my actions of the past. Is there any chance of my mind being liberated from the thoughts of my being liberated from my mind and just be. 

And this too will pass like all else nothing is permanent no matter how beautiful it is just a fleeting moment in time and space and just to be present and be a aprt of the whole that is being displayed before me was all i could ask for. There was no one to share with and yet i felt the presence of All around me. I turned away in shame at how i felt a moment before, the feeling I just had about my mind not being liberated from thoughts and so forth. I turned away from the glory that God had set for my eyes only so that i did not add to it anythings else that would spoil its purity. I snapped the picture just to make sure that I will never forget the moment, how i felt the presence of  the Divine in Nature.

I realize i will never wake up to this very scene again, ever but I will never forget how it felt to be empty and become just a mirror looking out and looking into my my Soul. I can only express myself with a teardrop that flowed out of my eye and ran down my cheek; I felt the utmost loneliness and sadness in my Happiness of being awakened in the forest.

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