Sunday, April 12, 2015

I believe in the Miracle of the Collective Mind.

The past three days have been hell for me mentally, physically and emotionally and the worse of it all was the physical torture of a lower back pain. It happened so suddenly without warning and from the moment I realize what it was till this morning it has been a roller coaster ride of pain. Sharp searing pain the grips your waist like a vice and sometimes make it even hard to breath. Those who have gone through this malady will testify to how bad it can bring you down. I have had this attacks before and have thought that i have gotten used to it by now, but not so, not this time. This time it is different it is a whole lot of new elements of pain structures involve. There were times I thought i was going to go down with a stroke and perhaps half my lower part frozen for eternity and spend the rest of whatever is left of my life in a wheel chair. Join the OKU or orang kurang upaya, the handicap,.
Yesterday while sitting out the rain downstairs I had the opportunity to talk with a gentleman who had came to fix the air conditioner and for lack of things to talk about i told him of my debilitating back problem and by pure luck, (miracle?)  he had had a similar problem from  an accident. He told me of where he had his back fixed, a place called The Bone Setting, a Chinese family ran massage place which I later found out happened to be in just a small apartment transformed into a business place for therapeutic  massage. Soon I had two boys working on my back with vigor and precision while i was screaming with pain. From the moment I laid down on the massage bed I was told I had a terrible imbalance in my cervical area that my left leg is shorter than my right, that my thigh ball joint in my left leg had left its socket a  long time ago from the looks of things and that is why I am having problems on my left side including my left arm. It took two guys to pop it back in and it popped real loud that everyone in the room was surprised including my son Karim who accompanied me and my cousin Mohd Kalam to the place.
Last night was a night i would wish not even upon my worse enemy. It was a sleeping in one position and one only and this was achieved through sheer mind over pain. Off course my mind was having a field day and God was brought into the scene to help out whenever I could remember. Every short moments of falling asleep was filled with weird dreams, dreams that were out of this world most making no sense. The only time I can remember that was worse than this was when I had my Pleurisy attack while living in Corte Madeira, Marin County Ca. sometime in 1983. The episode is written somewhere in this Blog if anyone is interested just type 1986 SF Journal on the search box. I will not repeat the incident that also laid me flat on my back for quite sometime.
What I have learned from these last few days is that yes i think self healing works! It works in ways not as i would imagine but through the inter relationships of events and people in you life as you suffer your way through. The mind sets in motion the events and we can also say for some of us that God set a lesson for us to experience His power of 'Testing' and in this case he set in motion for me to learn yet another lesson in humility. Yes my mind if being put to the grind can help make things happen for better or for worse but it is not all totally in my control when it comes to how things are being played out. As someone said Man proposes God disposes.
So do I believe in miracles? Yes i definitely do and it may not be an instant miracle but a miracle of life it is. Life and its principle of interdependence is full of miracles if we are full of awareness to perceive them as they occur. For the past few days i have witnessed in my situation small miracles taking place towards the healing process of my ailment. How so many hands or Compassion, Love and Understanding had lent out their help towards making what would have been a very depressing and traumatic experience that would had led some to give up in despair has turned out to be an enlightening experience of people showing how they cared for me without doubt. My cousins and nephews and nieces, the workers for my cousin's catering business especially the ladies were more then concerned for my well being. My cousin sister and her husband in my book has more than exceeded the Bodhisatva criteria by a long shot.
How does it all amounted to self healing? Well self healing I learn is not just the mind providing miraculous curing medication out of the blue to heal every part of the body, it is the process by which the healing is set in motion and this is how the individual mind taps into the collective mind to help in the healing process. You have to be instrumental in setting in motion this process initially. Accepting then what comes as part of the process and abiding by the rules of nature and common sense you allow for things to happen towards getting healed.Only a mind free from egoic tendencies is capable of allowing for events to take their course allowing for help to happen. The individual mind in this case becomes subservient to the collective spirit. The collective mind or spirit works through Love and Compassion one has for others as you sow so shall you reap.

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