Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What you are looking for is right there in front of you.

Humanity will survive only through getting to know its true nature that which collectively is the sum total of who we are and how we hold the responsibility towards the well being of the Planet. Until we come to know ourselves in connection to the whole we will never find will nor the energy to to safeguard our very environment and what is worse we will be the cause of the destruction of it all.
Humility means acknowledging how little we know about the universe; and humility comes from realizing that nature's beauty and mystery are worth infinitely more than our perverse obsession with illusory fame and fortune. Magick River.

We and our insatiable needs, our lack of  self control over our sense of greed and delusions. Whatever we endeavor to do we choose to do it out of self serving attitude like what is in it for me, like, got to take care El Numero Uno! Rarely do we act out of selflessness and compassion, rarely do we give without any strings attached. We make it a habit in taking more than we give.
Being able to breathe clean, fresh air and admire the distant hills every day may not get us into the Guinness Book of World Records or the Who's Who of the Banana Republics- but it will certainly get us closer to regaining heaven on earth.
Magick River

We found small fishes belly up floating down from this river as thought they were poisoned  somewhere up stream, however we could not be sure because it seems like only a few species were affected if it were caused by human poaching. Could it be that the water itself that is killing the fishes from being too  'sour' from rotting leaves and branches? It is a sad if not frightening thing to witness the falling apart of an ecosystem especially when it this deep in the forest. The government agencies that has anything to do with this issues is practically non existent or too far removed from what is happening.
"So stop midway through this frantic and futile feast of fools and look up at the ethereal clouds in the sky, and remember why we chose to be born on this exquisite and unique gem of a planet. Was it to puff ourselves up with toadish pompousness and amass a hoard of dragon's gold we could never bequeath to our grandchildren? Because our grandchildren would be too busy turning into cockroaches, rats, and other lifeforms that can survive or even thrive in ugly and polluted environments." Magick River

Scrambled eggs and baked beans for breakfast but it did not down to well with everyone who insist that a typical Malay breakfast aught to consist of some form of a rice dish, otherwise it will never be complete and so fried rice it was to go along with. It is wise to never leave watermelons sitting around out in the open when you are in the forest where elephants roam, like shark that can smell blood for miles out in the sea, elephants has a good taste for watermelons.
"Or did we come here to experience the separation of matter from spirit, and to learn how they can be harmoniously fused again? For this lesson would teach us that the outer reflects the inner. Where there is drought in the external reality, it means our souls are parched of feelings, love has dried up. Where there are landslides and flash floods, it means our integrity is decaying and our emotions are murky and raging out of control, bursting the banks of tranquility. And where the air is thick with greasy crud and black with factory soot, it means our thoughts are indecent (i.e., mechanical, pornographic) and our spirit is exhausted."

The main shack still in the making. while it is not a five star hotel it is good enough to shelter from the rain and the sun. To keep mosquitoes at bay do not be too lazy to sweep the yard and  burn the leaves to smoke away all the unwanted flying objects and creepy crawlers. It also helps to warn off larger animals from the general area at night.
"What will help is to reassess our management policies and national aspirations with complete truthfulness. We would immediately recognize that we have reached the point where national ego pride could ruin us and genuine humility just might save us."
Magick River
6 March 1999

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