Monday, July 22, 2019

AI - what role model?

Has been sometime now since last I made my blog posting and it is not there is nothing to write about, it is simply because i have been busy getting my twenty odd paintings ready for the upcoming solo exhibition. I am almost there but not quite and there's like three weeks left to go before launch day, which falls on the 11th. of August, a day before my seventieth birthday. Wow! 70 years ag I was born, brought into this realm of existence to work out my karmic evolution towards whatever that lies ahead. It is not like I am ready or not afraid to leave this existence as it can happen at anytime for a man my age, however i must say that i am not fully awakened towards what it was all about these past 70 odd years; what was it all about?run  I feel like I am on my final run, sitting my final exam, having to wrap up my theses, write my final conclusion of what had transpired for the past 70 years and I have no clue where to begin.
 God or no God, Money or no money, friendship or no friends, I have passed through these moments that has shoved me forward as i grew up and still does till now as i am headed for the final countdown. On looking at it over the years it seems like time flew by as though it was all a dream, or nightmare as the case may be and each fleeting moment  has become faded memories into the past, some still memorable while others are mere blurs in the distant landscape. Today I have noticed that I am becoming more desperate to be in the here and now more so than ever before. I savor the food in my mouth and witness with intense consciousness the changes in the clouds as it appears and disappears in the deep blue skies above me. I listen more closely and with deeper interest as to what my friends has to say and give them more of my attention in communicating my feelings with them. Every events, every action and  reflections is becoming more concentrated and deliberate as though one is savoring their presence like for the last time. The question arises every now and then, what would i miss once I am liberated from this physical realm and my five senses are no more in function. The  feel of the earth under my feet or the breeze through my hairr, or the cool water running through my fingers, the fire that warms my body in the cold of winter's nights; what would I miss most.
 Would I miss my children? Yeah, somewhat, like how they would miss me and truth be told not too much. I was never a good father and I really have not idea what a good father is truly, but I have tried to do my best and if my best is not good enough too bad. However if the proof is in the pudding, all four of my children are doing as fine as any in this day and age. Regrets, I have many but none worthy enough to carry to my grave as destined all is written, as the Muslim calls it Makhtub, predestined, written in the Book of Records the Loh Mahfuz.- The Book of Life. Not as far in difference as the recorded Laws of Karma that is ever registering every word thoughts and deeds of every living thing throughout the Universe- in modern terminology, this is the Matrix that governs the workings of life.

Most of us are oblivious to these inner workings of the human mind that for ages and generations  wise men has been trying to unravel for us that we may have a thorough understanding of who we truly are. We choose to live out life in the survival mode of existence every trying to become the most successful, most wealthy,most this or that that we miss the finer and more sublime nature of our being. Success is gauged in the material state rather than spiritual and most of us are slowly loosing the connection we have with nature as a whole. Our materialistic pursuits has become or daily prayer and we worship what we hoard in this life calling wealth and success; nothing wrong in that. We however do have a more deeper and richer aspect to ourseelves that is being eroded through lack of awareness and neglect through the refusal to study and understand. Ironically today science is very much into the creation of artificial intelligence (AI), to prove that we can become as close to God as we can in Creation. But what we feed into these AI is not very clear and we are treading upon the thin ice of Creation employing a matrix that is imperfect and incomplete just as who we are if taken as a template for the production line. 


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