Saturday, March 04, 2017

"Dua OTAI Melayu, Pulau Pinang." - a Two Man Art Exhibition.

Perhaps at my age I am beginning to see the 'Light'. The fact that I cannot save the world much less humanity, but I can save myself and in doing so I can perhaps contribute towards saving the world and humanity. Off course if that has always been my intention for being who I am, whether an artist or a Blogger, a meat cutter or a Health and Safety officer, a Lecturer or a Rough neck on board an oil drilling vessel, a Produce Buyer or a Zen Student cum Organic Farmer, an Environmental Company Yard Superintendent or a Martial Arts Instructor: I have done all these and a few others in the course of my existence. So what have all these to do with saving the Planet? It is the realization that I have a purpose in being who I am at every moment in my life doing whatever that I do; I am here as a Bodhisatva. I am here to help with the healing of the Planet and all that is within it, I am here to help in promoting a more positive and productive collective humane spirit where mankind carries out his charge as a care taker of this Planet we live in.
My upcoming Two Man Exhibition at the Museum Galleri Tuanku Fauziah - USM is part of my testimony that i have endeavored to live my life in serving my fellow man by imparting my talent and creative abilities to be shared with those who makes the effort to share my works at the exhibit. I have thrown in practically everything I have in my stock of art works so as to share the fact that an artist can be prolific in his creative abilities and it also be able to show a continuity in his quest to becoming a recognized artist among his peers. The exhibition is primarily to share with the upcoming young artists on their way to find out what it takes and how to survive throughout life as an artist. It is an educational and informational exhibit to share my works with those who have no sense of what art itself is.
The title "Dua OTAI Melayu, Pulau Pinang", simply means Two  Malay Old Timers of Penang. In the local use of the words 'Old Timers' means two seasoned artists with time worn experience in their field of endeavor. Our intention is not only to display our talents and abilities but also to share our thoughts and feeling about our career as full time artists. Personally, being an artist is not merely being able to create great artworks but also to be able to record and reflect what it takes and how it can be of use to the society at large if not the world itself. I may not attaint to the heights of a Rembrant or a Hokusai but in their spirit I strive to be my own master at what i do; I chose to live as an artist, Creatively.
The show will run through the month of March and i hope that it will be well received by all who witness it. 

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