Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We are all involved.- Plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar.

The conflict in Myanmar between the predominantly Buddhist population and the ethnic Rohingya has claimed lives in the thousands and most being brutally murdered in what has become an ethnic cleansing that  has surpassed most in the history of man in its brutality and wanton disregard for human lives. yet the United Nations has not even uttered a word of protest much less take any real physical action in containing the situation. it is very sad indeed for mankind when we have become capable of acts of merciless killing much worse than any in the animal kingdom, and we are living in the twenty first century, the beginning of a new millennial. It so seems that mankind are becoming more and more insensitive to life and what it means to be alive. We are bound and determined to create hell on earth as though we have no other options.
The followers of the Buddha has proven the teachings of Buddhism is not impervious to violence and is more than capable of carrying out atrocities towards their fellow man, women and children. For whatever legitimate, political, economic or religious excuses, the bloodbath being carried out will go down in History as yet another dark spot in the history of humanity. Another evidence that man has now become worse than animals despite what the religious and spiritual doctrine they abide by dictates. Even as the conflict in Syria is still raging claiming lives day in day out and the burning amber of  the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is still smoldering, we now are witnessing yet another, catastrophe in the making. man it seems will never learn from the experiences and the mistakes we make in history and is bound and determine towards self destruction.
It is perhaps because we have lost our sense of being a part and parcel of the 'whole' that we have become capable of such acts of insane terror towards each other. Perhaps our ignorance of who we truly are has gotten the better of us and our sense of compassion and intelligence has been totally erased from our consciousness. Collectively, those of us who through our spirituality profess to uphold peace and harmony in this world are just as deaf and blind to the cries of humanity and we pride ourselves in being able to influence many towards healing the planet through our belief and faith and practice. In these dark days of the decline of the human race, only the One true Creator has the power to change what is the negative into positive and sadly enough He (or She) is occupied somewhere else in these galaxies of ours. On second thought maybe it is best for Him not to take too much notice of what we are doing to each other and not to mention this plane itself in the process. It is highly doubtful that He will have much to be proud or happy about what we have to offer. 
In the Quranic, Biblical sense we have become servants to the fallen angels; God has lost where mankind is concern or has He yet? And the Buddha would be totally devastated to see what has become of His teachings. The clash of religions all over the world is becoming the latest human tragedy and we are all a part and parcel to this tragedy with no exception for we are humanity itself, each and every single one of us, as we are all interconnected as a collective whole.      

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