Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Journey of Purification.

Waking up in the morning especially from a negative effect of an undesirable dream, like in my case, from an unresolved conflict with my twin brother, it is very crucial that one sits and meditate or contemplate over the matter and at least bring it to a more positive end. Unresolved issues of the past is one of our main contributor towards having a good day or yet another depressing one. Sitting meditation before getting of the bed and followed by simple yoga stretching to loosen up the tight muscles and allow for a more smooth flow of the blood and distribution of energy all over the body, helps to dispel the negative effect of the negative dreams. Often we are is such s hurry to get off the bed and crawl towards the bathroom to get our day set in motion with the fear of being late for work or other activities; we neglect to prime the body and mind. Our 'bio- history' as the Swami Paramahamsa Nityinanda would call it carries with it all our unresolved issues of the past the needs to be brought into completion, into a closure or conciliation to end its effect on our present and future conditions.
Every so often our anxieties and depressions are brought upon by unsolved issues of the past conscious or unconsciously and the more we are in touch and dealing with resolving these issues the lighter we become as a result of shedding off all these vexing issues that were from our past lives. Sweeping these issues under the rug will only allow them to ferment and become even more toxic when they make their appearance when triggered by reminders. In Buddhism and Hinduism , these are karmic causing issues and during the Rohatsu Sesshin in Zen Buddhist practice a special prayer is offered and one of the verses that is recited goes as; "All my ancient twisted Karmas, from beginning-less, Greed, Hate and Delusions, Born through Body, Speech and Mind, I now fully avow..." This vow is an effort to eliminate all the past accumulated karmic causing influences that we have generated from out day to day activity. For those who believe in Incarnation this prayer stretches all the way back to our past lives existence; if nothing else this confession helps to remind us of our past errors and the desire to mend our ways.

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