Thursday, December 22, 2016

I am veiled from the truth like the rest.

While living on the east Coast of the Malay Peninsular in the state of  Terengganu I became very close friend with a doctor from Iraq, a Doctor Ali. He had been living and practicing as a medical surgeon at one of the local hospitals in Kuala Terengganu. he and his family had been living there for nine years before I met him. When talking about why he had left Iraq, he told me an interesting story of his escape from the country that was then at war with Iran.The doctor was a medic during the was and was stationed on the front lines. All through his career as a doctor in the Iraqi military he told me he had patched up numerous casualties and seen many dead or maimed for life. Most were young men and he felt sorry to see how their lives were wasted on the battle field.
What finally mad him chose to leave his homeland was after he had a realization of how futile it all was. One morning when he woke up to perform the dawn prayer like all the rest of his comrades it dawned upon him the fact that all was quiet across the whole landscape except for the call to prayer from the loudspeaker on both sides of the divide. Then for a few minutes there was absolute silence as the men were praying. As soon as the time for the 'Subh' prayer was over the firing began from both sides the Iraqis and the Iranians were at each other's throats as though nothing mattered. It was this incident that prompted the doctor to make his choice saying that enough was enough; the war was insane and he would have no part in it.
I consider myself blessed not having the experience of living in times of war as i know from what I witness through media and other sources of a countries at war, life can be hell on earth. For whatever cause or reason that men goes to war it is a curse upon humanity as life becomes trivial and violence becomes the rule of law.I am postive that the Lord of Creation has a special place in hell for all those who act or cause for the instigation that leads to man killing his fellow man. "Thou shalt not kill!" was the first of the Ten Commandments that the Prophet Moses received etched on stone from his Lord and just about every religion of man professes the same mandate in one form or another. Sadly enough, today man goes to the killing fields even in the name of their religions, like history has no effect on us. From the times of the Crusades onwards, religious conflict has caused untold miseries and claimed too many innocent lives for no valid reason other than mine is the true religion, better than yours.
From the Gaza Strip to Kashmir, from Miyanmar to Sudan,  we claim the right to kill all in the name of religion and sectarian belief that is nothing more than an excuse for other hidden agenda like territorial and economic controls. Why are we so bound and determined to annihilate ourselves over  mere concepts and misunderstanding of our true intentions? Why are we being led like sheep to the slaughter house by those in power and has only their self serving interest in mind? My answer will always be that we fail to realize who we truly are as individuals and how collectively we are the power that can make the difference. Our collective consciousness has never been allowed to flower to its utmost potential and this done systematically or unconsciously through the divisiveness that our conditioning has been put through especially by Religion and Nationalism. We are being brought up into believing that as individuals we are inconsequential. What can one man do? Such is life. live and learn to accept it. These are the discouraging words that we have become familiar with throughout our life unless somewhere down the line we were awakened to reality; that we are living in an illusion that others have designed for us all along.
What can a lone eagle do midst the hordes of crows that threatens its very existence except to fly even higher into the clouds and eventually cease to exist. I have tried as best i could to live off the grid and not succumb to the mundane existence of eking a living day to day like what my society demands of me; to be normal. I make it my way not to demand for more than I really need and allowing me to pursue what I have set out to achieve for my own self discovery and understanding of who i am and what my potentials are as human being, what is my role in the divine mandate and universal truth in this life. My quest is nothing compared to some who have attained to the truth and lived life according to their own choices free from the grips of a decadent society.I am still locked in the prison of my own mind digging my way out but my mind has been hardened by years of self deluded memories and it may take another lifetime before i can liberate myself if there is one. In the meantime suffice to say that I too am blind folded impervious to what is the truth about my existence. 

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