Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Making Sense out of Non-Sense - 5

Kitaro to me is perhaps one of the great Masters of musical compositions in our musical history, he has mastered the Art of blending the sounds of the East and the West like the flow of a stream that transports the consciousness of the listener through time and space effortlessly. Yeah I decided i miss the sounds of Kitaro and so Kitaro it is. 
My friend Ah Huat has given me RM200 for me to buy cheap frames that were sold near my home the 99Ceria Mini Market which actually is right across the street from me. So i bought 20 pieces A4 frames made in China as all products sold at this Market is made in China and that is why they are cheap. Yes, economically speaking , China is beginning to own our country. But that is another story, my friend's intention is to get me into the business mode as far selling my works goes. I am as bad a salesman as I am at my math and it seems like making a living out of selling is not my cup of tea even if the tea is from China. However who says i am not open to new adventures, perhaps this is just what i need to keep my mind from wandering, and so I have my work cut, out for me and now to choose and mount the drawings and sketches to fit the standard sized frames. I might as well accept the fact that i have a potential business manager, an atuo-air conditioning center owner, manger, superb salesman and Master mechanic; a Zen master...Jackie Chan.
The Japanese people in my opinion are the among the most focused and disciplined workers in the world and they handle their National disasters with the  most efficient and collective manner as a result. It is in Japan that we find the potential for natural disasters to occur, here one can expect and earthquake a Tsunami, a Typhoon or a Hurricane and not to mention the most often hit by volcanic activity and severe winters in some area. This perhaps has made the Japanese as the most resilient nation that can rise out of a Nuclear Holocaust and lead the world as one of the most industrialized nation today. I study Zen Buddhism for many years ever since the book "The Way of Zen' landed in my lap while i was shelving books at the University Library of UWGB. I became a Zen student through Alan Watts and his Ways. I would hereby recommend all Artists interested in what the Philosophers have to offer to the Arts and spirituality. to read Alan Watts or at least listen to his talks on You Tube; keep your mind open and allow for what he says to become your Koan as you seek for better and more complete explanation of who you truly are. Art and Aesthetics are best described by those who don't paint or draw. I almost surrender myself to the care of yet another friend, a fellow Bodhisatva who have awakened at an earlier age and am my present Guru; Ah Huat just like i surrender my thoughts and beliefs prior to meeting the "Way of Zen" and embarked upon a pursuit of becoming a Zen -Mind - Beginner's Mind. And now here I am trying to make sense out of non-sense a not so Zen like practice of looking back in time while reflecting the future while keeping close balance between what is and what should have been.
Look around you and Love Life and that is all the conclusion that you need to come by after all these years, be positive and express your feelings when necessary and keep to your silence whenever and however possible; this is your pit stops, the space you are in between your thoughts and the space between the two notes in a tune. Look around and accept that life out there is about how you relate between one and another, about interpersonal relationships and the sharing of being who you are. There is no trick or mystery about life other than the fact that you will have to come to an eventual understanding that nothing of all these are real in the true sense of the word. Seeing through the veils of illusions before us we can live a more fully involved and caring an entity midst the rest of humanity. Being awakened alone is no fun; we will have to all of us awaken ourselves and make our choices whether to stay on this course of action or change the Collective Spirit from its destructive mode to one that heals and regenerate. "You are the World!" as another of my Guru said, I found both Alan Watts and Jedu Krishnamurti's works on the same shelf at the library at UWGB and it is also here that I discovered the two volumes of Hokusai's Mangga.
To one who seeks eventually the Universe provides. It may not be according to the time you hope for, but it happens when it happens and when it happens be present to celebrate it. WOW! This is about as close as I can express within my heart in joyous gratefulness every time a small miracle like finding the perfect parking spot or being there at the right time or being able to sit and watch the latest Godzilla about to destroy Tokyo with my two children at the movies. When my son Karim asked me what i thought of the movie I told him that there was too much dialogue and for me to read English subtitles which is stuck in between the Chinese and the Malay subs., I was beginning to fall asleep. I told him that the movie was done as a message to the Japanese people if not the world on how or what can be the impediment to a good Emergency Response in the event of a Natural disaster, like Earthquake and Tsunamis and Nuclear breach and so forth. It was an environmental message as to what we are doing to our natural environment and how we are willing to take these chances simply to stay ahead of our neighbors; politically, National and International. Nowhere more so than in Japan is life being seen as Impermanent, hence precious,  that nothing last forever and what is created will be destroyed, what has come into being will cease to exist; hence rejoice in the moment before the next comes.

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