Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We are getting there.

The human mind is like a parasite that lives off every sight and circumstances, every experiences and in short anything and everything it comes into contact with, the more intense and gruesome the better. This is who or what man has become, at least those who are living unaware of any difference between who they truly are and who they think they are. Who they truly are are what they discover over time after a very thorough study of their background and conditioning, their upbringing and education and so forth, in short they have made a journey of self discovery. Who they think they are are those who have come to accept the life is as it is and that they are subjected to each and every laws and principle laid down for they by the power that be since they were conceived; this is the conditioned mind. This is the mind that has been blinded by the ways of the physical world and has no consciousness of its own unborn Buddha Nature, that which is free from all vexations and affections of the physical or Dharma Realm, ( realm of the phenomenal existence).
From the moment i was awaken this morning or should i say this afternoon as i slept in late simply because i had trouble sleeping at night, my mind has been preoccupied by one vexation after another, most of which I cannot do much about. But being this Dharma realm I have to pay attention to each and every rise and fall of these mental states I am beginning to have the flu with sore throat and the works to begin with and then came my thoughts of my daughter, if she has had lunch and how she is faring out by herself, then the fact that my son came home late last night and left for his apartment when he found the front door was locked. He left even when I called out to him from my window as i heard him leaving, but he just waved and left; how is he doing? Just wanted to say I miss him. Then When I went down stairs for my lunch at the restaurant I sat with one of my uncles and and a nephew and his son talking of their problems at home and the next thing I know I had to leave and do something constructive like what i am doing now.
How does one avoid from getting entangled in the tangles of life? One don't. It is part and parcel of one's Karmic identity AND CAN ONLY BE WASHED OFF BY BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED FROM THE BEGINNING TILL THE END. (capitalized by accident). 
  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
    • informal
      destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

  2. I am not trying to write from purely a Buddhist point of view on this matter but I am using what i have understood of the Buddhist perception as my tool for the understanding of thid predicament that I am in when in dealing with my mental states on a daily basis.As a Muslim i am just to leave it all up to my Lord to make the adjustments and deliver be to the other shore from this turmoil all in good faith but I have to be patient as the Lord is not know to be spontaneous in His delivery over these small issues in life, like he too has larger issues to deal with somewhere else.So here I am left on my own as most of us, to deal with our fundamental issues in our everyday life like it or not and as we are seeing more and more, there is a whole lot of suicides and addiction to drugs and alcohol as part of the consequence.
  3. For the most part of humanity there seem to be a rush towards 'making it' in the most easiest and fastest possible ways including exploitation, greed and corruption. Success is spelt in the form of dollars and cents and how much one can have in a single life span irregardless of how the rest of species exist.It is however enlightening to witness that all over the world more and more of us are awakening to the true nature of our being, human and humane.More and more are beginning to realize the cost of not seeing through the nature of our true identity, that we more than who we think we are. It is enlightening to notice the changes made through having understood the more spiritual nature of our being by those who have strive to transcend this phenomenal existence and share their discoveries with those around them.These seekers and disciples of truth are growing in numbers and are making a collective change in the paradigm of our very lives from all over the world and all walks of life.
  4. The teachings and wisdom of the ancient is now being shred more widely so than ever before by great teachers and their voices are being heard all around the globe by many with the help of the Information technology that we have today. Yoga, Zen meditation, spiritual healing, to name a few have become a widespread phenomena and no more a mystery hard to comprehend. The exploration of the human mind and its functions has become a scientific quest among physicists and bio-geneticists an the mind is slowly loosing its hold on the ignorant among us. We are slowly but surely reclaiming our own innate Buddha Nature, our birth right as human beings.    

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