Monday, May 02, 2016

' The Avenger'- Civil War

Saw 'The Avengers 'Civil War' the movie this evening with the kids, Karim, Marissa and their cousin Azwan and sat in the front most row in the theater and why not? It is great to feel like a kid every now and then.  I marveled at how realistic the scenes were especially the fights sequels. I still remember when i saw my first marvel comic sometime in the early sixties while living in Kuala Terengganu. My eldest brother, Razali had subscribed to both the DC and the Marvel comics and they always arrived at the same time at his home. had these comics been preserved till this day he would have a whole lot of originals with many first appearances which included,  the first issues of Spider Man, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Aquaman and Dr. Strange to name a few. 
I must consider myself very fortunate if not privileged to have had the such an opportunity, like have known Stan Lee and Jack Kirby way back when and as a natter of fact my artistic talent was galvanized by this exposure to comics. As i sat watching the movies today adapted from these comics almost fifty years later i feel like i have watched the evolution of an art form to its final product. In witnessing this phenomena it also make me realize the power of the collective human creative spirit and what it can accomplish when brought together. It is too bad that these characters and the stories that spins them are catered towards violence even if it does not seem so I suppose this cannot be helped as it is the nature of the characters to 'fight for justice'.
At my age I am fortunate to have been a witness to many historical events that had taken place around the globe and due to my education and interest have been fully aware of their happening. The Vietnam War and the Hippie Movement, The death of J.F. Kennedy and the Lunar Landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the End of Soviet Union, The rise of Zionism and ISIS and the  and in my own country, the May 13th. Riot of 1969, the decadence of justice and the proliferation of corruption to date. I must admit that i have lived in some exciting times in the history of mankind and the Planet itself.
As I look back and ponder, I realize that somethings evolves for the better while others for the worse, however each has its role to play in the balance of creation itself. The positive as well as the negative each has its energy one cannot function without the other. As movies evolves into 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek', human imagination will keep on expanding going outwards to ,'Boldly go when no man has gone before...' and 'may the Force go with you...' While our imagination takes us to distant frontiers of galaxies in space, our mind also takes us deep into our inner space to unravel the mysteries of 'Consciousness' and  'Source of Creation' itself. Not too  many of us are engaged in this venture as it is more of a personal journey, but the journey within is as great a distance as that of the external  to boldly venture into.
One thing that i got having watched the movie is that, how every Tom, Dick and Mary, super heroes or otherwise are out to 'Change the world'. Seems like not many likes it the way it is anymore and just let it be.

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