Thursday, April 14, 2016

Only He knows The truth.

"A day of no work is a day without food," an old saying too old to remember who said it but always stays fresh in my mind. Bottom line is, you do not deserve to be where you are if you have not done your share of sustaining the universe. Too far too deep perhaps for this early in the morning; 1;30 am. Outside of my gate, by the roadside a lonely man is going through the garbage bin looking for recycle-able items to earn his next meal perhaps. Offered him one Malaysian Ringgit, all the small change I have in my pocket and he ask if there is any leftover chicken that he can feed his cats, this being a restaurant. I told him none as most have been thrown away when they do the cleaning.He is a skinny old man my age but looks like time worn out and claims to be from around here, rides an old bicycle. Such Is.
Who and how is our fate decided for us? One being born the son of a minister and the other a by product of a drug addict/ One being born to become a triathlon while the other strapped to the bed with tubes sticking into every orifices in the body. Who planned the big picture that has decided for us to be who we are. This is an age old question that saints ans sages have grappled with, philosophers and thinkers have tried to untangle but none have been able to serve us with a digestible answer other than God, The Creator, Allah (SWT).I accept the fact that I was created or placed upon this earth by some higher Being beyond description Omnipotent, Omnipresent and I am nothing more than a speck of dirt on the foot of a cow in comparison. But I am a mindless speck of dirt like the cow, i am capable of discerning my state of affairs and my position as a human being even if this state in time is merely a speck on the scale of eternity. 
The question still hammers in my mind mind for and answer, who Am I and why am I here? There is not a day that passes that I had not stop to ponder this issue just like I am doing right this moment. I keep reminding myself that if i have to think, i wish to think on a grand scale, not if Russia's Putin has an account number in the Panama Leaks or if Syrians would ever find sanity in the aftermath of the what the county is going through. I wish to understand why God created me and the rest of the Universe the way it is. it is easy to take 'God works in mysterious ways' for an answer and go about pretending that life is all about Love and Compassion and that it will all come to an end when The Lord decides to close His Book on Life.
Throughout the history of mankind in my humble opinion only the Buddha came close to untangling the tangle. Gautama Buddha pursued the issue to the very end and is said to have attained liberation from this cycle of Life-Death and Rebirth. Yet I wonder if The Creator approves of His Way. Other than transmigration or Karmic evolution in the form of reincarnation, the Buddha does not talk much about death or the hereafter like the Muslims and the Christians, nor did He of God. You do good in this life, your next life will get better, you don't you keep coming back and evolve until you are fully awakened from this so called life. You self heaven or hell as you move along evolving from one state to another. Islam and the rest of the religions of the Book does not concur with this Way of looking at life, it is Heaven or Hell depending on if God is pleased or pissed with you and there is only this life for you to work with. 
According to Islam  when the last person walks three steps away from your grave the angels will ask you questions of your faith, who do you worship and so forth. It is hard to imagine the state of mind I would be in depending on how i died and buried that i can answer these questions spontaneously, but this is what having absolute faith is, that it is possible. That your faith will outweigh your fears and your clarity of mind will be present when this and questioning happens. Hence it all depends on your state of mind and your faith in your belief; not in what you think you should believe. Back to the conditioned mind, the dual thinking mind the mind that is trapped ni the worldly illusions; Maya.Religious faith does not encourage logical thinking, if it does than to die fully conscious would make better sense but fear aside can a man die and be buried fully conscious of what is happening to him?; Impossible?
Perhaps this is why Islam requires the faithful to pray five times a day among other numerous practices such as Zikr and observing the special rites during the fasting month. It is in a way to keep reminding the mind or Allah and His Infinite Mercy especially in the hour of death. The merits earned by one's devotion is the saving factor that will see you through through the journey in the afterlife. It is like training the mind to stay focus on the remembrance of The Lord no matter what happens.Not allowing the mind to take or loose control through fear and confusion of one's self in the face of death. This is total submission to the Will of Allah, not an iota of doubt must come in between you and the faith you have in Him.
Thus from Him i come to Him I return. He is Al-Hak, the One Who owns; all belongs to Him.
 Only He knows The Truth.  

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