Thursday, March 10, 2016

Retrospect - From Journal- 1983..

Making Footprints in the Snow;
To make the next, one has to act, Become in-motion.
To Act selflessly with disregard for Self Esteem.
Spontaneous in effect.
Free and flowing, fluid and gentle,
Without thoughts and consciousness.
Like a little brook making its way through to the ocean,
That is Life...Effortlessly...Effortlessly...effortlessly.
Just as effortlessly as the coming and going,
Of one's Breath.
"What do you think of the Nuclear War Syndrome, master?"
I asked him.
"The refrigerator has an efficient Thermostat,
 In order to make it functional."
"Are you Sir suggesting that the Nuclear War syndrome is a sort of Thermostat in the human evolution?"
"First as the coming and going of the ice Age, Attila The Hun and Adolf Hitler, every human era is marked by one catastrophy or another."
"So what do we do to avoid, the vicious repetition of History?"Breath!, take a good  fresh gulp of Air and tell me if you wish to end all these, that is your Universe! Take a gulp of cold cranberry or apple  juice and tell me we should put an end to all these! Touch your wives and daughters and kiss your sons and tell me all these must come to an end! Breath! For goodness's sakes, Breath!"
"Would we all not ultimately perish from the holocaust, if it happens?"
"When the one perish does not the All goes too? Why the fears and the sorrows?" is this not what has created to see, or is there someone else? The creator creates, the destroyer ,destroys. As a rose sweet as perfume, must one day droop and fade away, so has humanity become more and more decadent. We worship the Ego and so long as the Ego is worshiped, there will always exist duality, and so long as duality persist, so shall we proceed towards self-destruction. In order that a fresh step is to be printed in the snow, one has to act."
" I am only human and i fear for myself and my loved ones."
"Bondage or freedom have no hold on you, and unity and separation do not affect you. Reasons and arguments, do not limit you. None, whatsoever exist that binds you. As such, why should you bewail your lot? The supreme self is neither subject to limitations of birth or death, nor concerned with blessings or sins. Then why should you bewail your lot? The various sacred scriptures have averred that the heavens, etc. are mere forms and names, illusive like mirage. When the supreme self is present everywhere alike, why should you bewail your lot? ..
Seek for the peace within yourself, understand suffering as well as pleasure, that one is the other, but only from the opposite sides - for one man's fame is the other's misfortune. The answer is not found billions of miles in the outer space, but deep within. So close to yourself, the center. The point of origination, the beginner of things, the essence of Being, Love and Compassion, for the Universe that you have permeated from this center. In order that a war is to be won, a few battles must be lost - start giving up a little of your self that you might see what you have created. If man would only stop talking and act - selflessly, thoughtlessly and without hesitation, he might find peace for his kind and silence this Universe once and for all.  perhaps we will all start it all over again somewhere else."
" What about Reality? The Russians, The Americans, Beirut and Nicaragua and Granada - What about he probability of someone pushing the panic button and get a chain reaction that would ultimately obliterate Me?!"
" When hungry, eat,
When sleepy, sleep or just sit and watch the grass grow."
P/s The day you can bring back to life a blade of grass, we will discuss Reality."
1/11/1983 -  Green Bay, Wisconsin..

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