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Attaining the Perfection of Wisdom

There are just certain things that you are not going to be good at no matter what and for me it is selling; I am useless when it comes to any kind of business dealings albeit selling my artworks or flipping burgers. As my neighbor at the Food Court, the Satay seller commented to me last night, "You just don't have the "Aura" like your daughter. Yeah, I agreed with him, I don't have good looks and the charm, the warm customer friendly and easy to talk to traits like her Mom was.
To preach without becoming the preacher, teach without the personality of a teacher, to lead the way without assuming leadership is the Way of the Mindful. It is the Way of the man of 'Wu Wei' or inactive action, or detached involvement and the key trait of this action is in being spontaneous in action. This ability comes with years of cultivation of the human spirit into pure consciousness; it is the essence of human development. To recognize this ability in oneself through others' observation especially, is rewarding, it is a good feeling like one has attained to certain degree of success in one's understanding of being human. It is like being .The Fisher of Men and not just the fisherman. This is the mark of a great teacher or master or guide or elder in societies, the one who stands in the front of the line of fire, the one who is looked upon with awe and respect.
This is far from the exhibition of an egoistic claim but merely an observation and this trait is common to many and not exclusive to any group or type of character. A genuine man of knowledge and wisdom does not run around claiming his credentials nor does he display his certificates, he is pointed out and acknowledged by his fellow man. He is the policeman without uniform and badges, the judge, jury and executioner who walks the street and sits in secession in the courts of the coffee shops and the campfires. He is the man who has attained the ability to speak and listen with his heart. He has transcended the lesser values and attained to the higher calls of the human spirit to serve his fellow man. He is the snake that has shed his old skin and don the cloak of the servant of his Lord; he has become the voice or reason that counters the chaos that threatens the very foundation of humanity's existence.
He becomes the Man of Tao, he assumes the role of the Awakened One, he becomes the Perfect man, Al Insan Kamil; he wears the robe of his tribe.
In Islamic theologyal-Insān al-Kāmil (Arabicالإنسان الكامل‎) also rendered as Insān-i Kāmil (Persian/Urduانسان کامل) and İnsan-ı Kâmil (Turkish), is a term used as an honorific title to describe Muhammad. The phrase means "the person who has reached perfection."[1] It is an important concept in Islamic culture of the prototype human being, pure consciousness, one's true identity, to be contrasted with the material human who is bound by one's senses and materialism. The term was originally used by Sunni Sufis and is still used by them, however it is also used by Alawis and Alevis.[2] This idea is based upon a hadith,[2] which was used byIbn Arabi, that states about Prophet Muhammad, 'I was a prophet when Adam was between water and clay'.[3]
He is the carpenter, the fisherman, the automobile mechanic and he walks among his fellow man sometimes like a beggar and sometimes a king as the perfect man is perfect in all that he is no matter his role. No man can become the Perfect man by trying or with conscious effort and not credential is given for such a man that says he has qualified for such a role like those given to Bishops and Judges or Kings and Presidents; Perfection of Wisdom Is, none who attains it. 

The origin of al-insān al-kāmil[edit]

Mansur al-Hallaj and Al-Biruni expressed the idea within their works.[5][6] The concept was also applied by Ibn Arabi, a well-respected and influential Islamic thinker.[7] The origin of this concept is derived from the Quran and Hadith. As mentioned in Ibn Arabi's Fusus Al-Hikam"Muhammad's wisdom is uniqueness (fardiya) because he is the most perfect existent creature of this human species. For this reason, the command began with him and was sealed with him. He was a Prophet while Adam was between water and clay, and his elemental structure is the Seal of the Prophets."[8]
In the Quran, man’s hierarchical status above all beings is seen, as it states that God created humans in the fairest stature.[9] Due to this occurrence the human is favored by God and is said to be given God’s light which leads through them to complete perfection. The previous saying illuminates the idea that behind the true objective behind creation is God’s desire to be known. which is fulfilled through the perfect human being.[9] wikipedia.   

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