Monday, July 27, 2015

The itch is still there.

I am wasting my time as for hours now i have really doen very little other than fall asleep and waking up to an ongoing battle between two Samurai armies fighting sometime in the 15 century in the plains of Tohoku Japan all on You Tube. My car is at the mechanic again getting fixed for oil leak this time and i am back to using the Knacil, thank God for little favors  But, be as it may i am not happy the least to say as I have not been productive and am back to square one where money is concern. The only consolation i find in times like these is the fact that I am more in touch with my inner being, myself, and not getting too sidetracked or concerned with trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe anymore and nor am I getting all tied up in a knot over the state of the Nation as more and more issues are emerging that is putting the country on a rough road to nowhere. I can easily turn my attention into my inner being and look at what is transpiring within my physically, emotionally as well as spiritually, and i an finding that more and more so there is really nothing to cry over that needs so much attention other than those episodes and dramas that i have chosen to entertain for no good reason.
What is relevant really is getting my car fixed once and for all and getting my mind set again to hit the road, to boldly go where i have not gone before as Captain Kirk of the Enterprise would have put it. Being stuck in this rut of not being able to stretch my legs and spread my wings is getting to me and I am making excuses more and more lately for not being able to carry this out. Si henceforth my mind will be set on a preparation mode towards setting a course of action that will see me leaving this island and navigating new ventures out there where there is still adventures to be found even if means just sleeping out in the wild or discovering a new village or two, Perhaps it would be a great thing to discover what the rural folks are thinking of the political and economic situation of this country where so far i have been listening and reading only the middle class and intellectuals discuss about the matter. It would make a good study to record what the Malays in the Interior rural areas feel about the state of the nation while sketching a face or two in a coffee shop along the way.
Yes I feel like i am waiting for death to happen.every morning i wake up to the sound of incessant traffic and the clattering of cooking and feasting at the restaurant, it gets on my nerves even if I can almost lock them out on my mind if I meditate on it. But I am not one for sitting around and waiting for shit to happen, i make them happen and when I am not able to I feel like i have wasted my day.

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