Saturday, July 15, 2017

Halibut fishing - 2

Wrecks found at the 'Spit' a strip of land where the airport is located in Sand Point.
Upon arrival at Sand Point my luck would have it that one of the crew members of the Iceland failed to make it for the job. I silently looked up and praised the Lord for looking out for me at the hour of my need. I would have had hell to pay if i were there with no place to spend the night and not enough money to buy my dinner. The Tundra landscape affords very little shelter in the form of trees and the only hotel in town cost over 80 dollars per night. I had earlier borrowed from my friend Rob $80 just to pay the ticket for the plane ride out of Anchorage to Sand Point. As a matter of fact I was truly on a one way ticket and had burnt all my bridges and buried my options behind me.

Raya Yoga - 2nd lesson.
Raja in Hindi and in the Malay language  means the 'King' or Supreme Yoga or as i understand it to be, Yoga of the Mind. I cannot remember who or where i got a hold of this small hard cover book but it too became my constant companion through out this journey. Along with the practice of Pranayama Yoga, (Yoga of the Breath) and Hatha Yoga, ( Yoga of the physical body), I put to practice this Yoga of the Mind. 

Upon arrival at the Airport at Sand Point I found many wrecks strewn all over the are known as the 'Spit' and they made for great sketching subjects.
Sand Point Airport is located exactly nine mile from the docks where the main road begins or ends depending on the direction one is headed. Sand Point is as the locals calls it a 'one horse town' where there is one thing of the conveniences available, like one post office, one policeman and one bar, one school one church and so forth. Thew Aleuts who are the indigenous people of the island are fair skinned and look mongoloid in appearance and dislike being mistaken for Eskimos. 
I became a member of the Iceland Crew making it a total of five in all.
There was the Captain, Donald Bark originally from Teanaway Valley, Cle Elum in the Washington State and along with him was his nephew J.R who was from Boise, Idaho. Phil Roe was also from Teanaway Valley and claimed that he was at one time  a member of the Hells Angels in LA, California. Last but not least was my friend Rob Sergei from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  
The Fishing Vessel 'Sun Dial and her skipper was "Hippie" John.
Most of the fishermen came from the 'Lower 48' as the rest of the United States was known to the Alaskans. They all came to fish during the fishing season when Halibut, King Crab, Salmon are open. Most have a boat to work on when they arrived at Sand Point unlike myself. Most were seasoned commercial fishermen who knew the great risk and the bounty they could expect on a good season, not me, I have never worked on a fishing boat before.
Perhaps it was the 'Raja Yoga' or perhaps it was my own ignorance and foolishness, but I got a good taste of what fishing in one of the world's most treacherous waters was like. i can claim that  I survived commercial fishing in the Bering Sea of the Pacific Northwest.

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