Thursday, July 27, 2017

Halibut Fishing 7

Most of the homes  built in Sand Point were makeshifts shacks and trailer homes that were shipped from the lower 49, especially from Seattle, Washington. These homes were mostly heated by kerosene or oil heaters in the winter months. The more permanent built homes are found along the main road of the town and the road stretches nine miles  starting from the 'Spit' area of the Airport and ends at the 'Dock' where the fish processing plants and boat loading  facilities is found. The main mode of transportation a was pickup trucks and three wheelers 'motorcycles' which just about every young adult in town owned one and was the most handy way to move around.
My first ride on a three wheeler.

Getting better  and little cocky.

Loosing control of things.

There was one Grocery store, one post office and one policeman and it is commonly known as a 'one horse town'. There was also one Bar and one Restaurant and a can of beer can cost 4US dollars depending on the availability. The Aleuts were heavy drinkers as this was just about all the excitement they had during the off fishing seasons or the rough winter months. Regular fights would erupt between the locals and the fishermen who came from the lower states to fish. During the fishing months the population of the town would triple and when it was all over only the locals would remain and even then most having earned a good income from the fishing would take long vacations to the lower states especially Hawaii in order to escape from the cold winter stretch. 
Sand Point I was told was one of the most wealthiest town per capita in the world due to its fishing industry and as more and more vessels are involved in this industry equipped with a more sophisticated  technology for fishing, the local government is in tight control over the amount of fishing that can be done per year. Each year the government handed out quotas for the overall amount of fish and crabs such that it will not totally deplete the the ocean of its fish. I wonder how Sand Point has grown now since i last was there in 1982, but I am sure a whole lot have changed for the better.

My crude map of the Pacific Northwest.


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