Saturday, July 22, 2017

Halibut Fishing - 3

What was most noticeable about living on the Island was the fact fact that the air was fresh and clean heavy with moisture as the area was constantly covered with mist, fog and rain and or rare occasion do you find clear sun shiny days. The Sand Point harbor was msot alive and busy every fishing season with fishermen who came from the 'Lower 48'. Most of the fishing vessels belonged to the local Aleut population.  

I am ashamed to say that i did not take time and draw more than I could have while on board the Iceland, It is one of those things about being there and loosing sight of what was important and worthwhile for me as an artist as i sure was never cut out to be a fisherman. The deck of the Iceland itself would have made a great study for any artist looking for something to draw as it was loaded with all kinds of  shapes and coklors...  

Phil Roe was also an artist and did this drawing in my sketchbook using his  fingers and charcoal. Phil was a huge guy who once was a member of the L.A Hells Angels Motor Cycle gang. Phil and i had a face down one night while we were busy hauling in the lines, a disagreement over work. I would have been laid to rest had the captain not stood at the galley door with a gun in his hand.. But i gain a little sense of respect from the rest of the crew member after that for being a fool that I was in daring to face the Hulk.

The 'drum' was lined with eight miles length of the thickest nylon line used as the main line where hooks and snaps were attached to it as it was laid out into the ocean. It was my job to make sure that the line was spread all along the barrel without letting it build up in one place into a hill.. I had two pipes that I used to pushed the incoming line back and forth to spread it out equally; it is not a job I would recommend to anyone with a right mind.
My short experience having fished for Halibut on board the FV Iceland was  the most challenging thing i ever did in my life and something that I am proud of . I may not have been a good fisherman but i was there and i did it. I rode one of the oldest fishing boat from Sand Point to Dutch Harbor, Alaska  a trip that took three days and two nights. This, not too many Americans can boast of as i was told by a very close friend in green Bay, Wisconsin when I returned from the trip.

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