Saturday, March 25, 2017

No MInd , NO Buddha!

If you are truly worried about where you are headed, just look at where you have come from. It is not a matter of where you are headed of where you come from that matters so much as to how you got here; did you enjoy the journey? Will you be able to keep on the enthusiasm from this day hence towards your future; are you having a good time now?! Life is plain short and simple, don't go complicating it by adding onto more than what meets the eye. Cease to exaggerate and make a mountain out of a mole hill, stop projecting what is not there with your own thoughts and imaginations; let the form takes its shape and let it fade as it had appeared with non attachment and with bare attention. 
When shit hit the fan will you still be standing tall and smiling at the world around you? Hopefully the answer is a yes and that you will not only survive the onslaught of what lies ahead of you but also shovel off the crap you left behind into compost piles that future positive acts can be cultivated. Mindfully be prepared for all that may materialize and all that has been set in motion to happen and effortlessly act as they arise one after another without the need to conform or control. All the mental formations that arises out of the void is only the result of past actions of the mind manifested in the physical form and the are empty of their own being.(whatever that means to you.)  Hence do not hold them to be reality as it is for they are impermanent, they do not last they appear and disappear like clouds in the blue sky. It would like trying to grasp your own shadow; you will never be able to for as you move it moves with you simultaneously your shadow is a negative reflection of your physical self; it is always there when you are there. I t is the product of you blocking the light path from its source, what if you are not there physically? If you can remove yourself from this plane you will not have a shadow; you are shadow less.
So what is the point in all these? I really have no idea yet but it will come to me sooner or later. Is my mind my shadow, Can I exist without my mind? Would I be considered insane? If i can drop my mind from the equation of what is me, would i become a mindless spirit or would would I be liberated as a  Buddha.?

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