Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Tabula Rasa...

Talk is cheap, bu to put all that I have learned and understood is a whole different game altogether. Hurdles upon hurdles lay in my path especially those that were from the past. Funny how the wrongs that I committed stands out like sore thumbs and comes to surface so readily at the slightest trigger by an image or a thought. We all carry our own crosses whether we believe in crucifixes or not, or better yet we all carry our own baggage on our backs till we bend over in our old age. So how do we unload these burden that has been clinging on to us from the moment of their inception into our consciousness. What is even more tragic is that we carry the burden of others often against our very own will out of love, out of compassion which is not too bad in itself, but out of guilt? How do we liberate our consciousness from these loads of karmic crap?
How do we live day to day moment to moment with a 'tabula rasa' or a clean slate?
ta·bu·la ra·sa
ˈtäbyo͝olə ˈräsə,ˈräzə/
  1. an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean slate.
    "the team did not have complete freedom and a tabula rasa from which to work"
    • the human mind, especially at birth, viewed as having no innate ideas.

How do we free our mind from being embroiled with past experiences or how do we remain like an empty sky instead of littered with drifting clouds, how do we remain calm as the ocean instead of being thrashed about by waves. In short how do we remain in the here and now, in some form of meditative state that is free from intrusions by external vexations. The simplest response that comes to my mind is to breath and be aware of every single breath that I take, breathing in and breathing out. When asked most individuals would admit that in the course of a day most are not aware that they are breathing; the most crucial activity in our lives we take for granted. The breath is our connection to or the bridge between our consciousness and the rest of the Universe of not our fellow sentient beings.
I have made it an effort to keep in touch with my breathing as much as I possibly can throughout my day and especially when i have an issue to deal with. Most often than not i have come to notice that whenever i take a deep breath while in a state of agitation or confusion my mind will switch from chaotic state to a more calm state of clarity. I call this a step back or a retreat from what is before me. This inadvertently leads on to the practice of patience which often gives one a second look at what is truly present. A clouded mind is the result of not breathing properly which in simple term means there is too much carbon dioxide and less oxygen in your body. Proper breathing also allows for the body to gain proper alignment like sitting up straight instead of slouching, gaining proper weight distribution which makes the body weightless with no pressure being imposed upon one part to compensate for another. The human form is so perfectly constructed that if and when properly utilized it becomes light; the lightness of being.
Pranayama Yoga or the Yoga of breath management is one form of practice that can help to ensure that out breathing process becomes a healing process to the body, mind and spirit. It is the very key to our existence. We function a whole lot better when our breath is in rhythm with that of the Universe and the rest of humanity. It helps to remind us that we breath the same air as much as we drink the same water and feel the heat of the same sun upon our bodies as we consume the same food produced from the very same earth that we live on; in essence we are One.
When all our minds are centered upon this single realization, we can heal the world, we can change the chaotic confusion into an ordered more productive and creative existence. Breathing in unison helps for us to remain focused into the here and now, however it will take conscious practice and awareness for this to happen and as more of us becomes aware the stronger our bonds would be in our effort to heal this troubled Planet. When the individual mental thought processes are being dropped off, the Mind that is present is united with the Whole and become and instrument of Collective Consciousness capable of making great changes in our lives. We were not born politicians, soldiers, scientists and so forth; we were born with a clean slate. We become what we are today through a long process of conditioning, but we can act as born again beings with no preconditions if we only learn to awaken to this reality; this is a part of Liberation of being Free. Only with this state of consciousness can we act Collectively.


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